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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Uber Excited!!

Well folks, it is finally official! I am on my way to South Korea in a few days. I spoke with my recruiter, and she says the hagwon (private academy) wants me to leave on Thursday 8/26/2010. I haven't received my actual flight confirmation via email though.

Tab and Tionne rode with me to pick up my passport today. It's a little less surreal now that I have visa in hand! Gotta start making preparations now...repacking, mostly. I thought I'd try and carry another piece of luggage until Tab (my sister) informed me that it will cost me roughly $130 to take an extra bag!! Where they do that at?!? (shout-out to Kesha, my friend from The Embassy) :-)

So, it looks like I'll be leaving even more items at my mom's. I just can't afford to be paying that much extra! I mean, really?!?

So, I'm excited, but more relaxed now. I'll try to keep you all informed weekly of what's going on through words, videos, or pictures. It'll probably be even more frequently until the honeymoon period wears off. LOL...I hear that'll be around the 90 day mark...but we'll see.

The GREAT news is, that my sister and my niece are stationed in South Korea at Camp Humphreys. So, we'll get to see each other often. Did I say I'm excited??

Until next time, Na-jung-e bwae-yo! - Google're gonna learn Korean with me! Love ya!!

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