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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So, I think I'm staying!

Well, well, well...January 1st, and I'll have approximately 58 days until I leave my current hagwon. I have been going back and forth about whether to stay or go...meaning, stay and look for another position, or go back to the States.

I've had so many thoughts about my life and the goals I have. Living and working in S. Korea played a vital role in reaching these goals, on paper. On the other hand, I simply could not see myself in this current situation for a whole year.

So, with that being said, I've thought long and hard about staying. I definitely have some criterion that have to be met for me to consider staying here longer. 1) A public school position 2) My own apartment is a must 3) I want to be living closer to my sister.

Let me break it down for you:

1) A public school position, although not without its challenges, is a far better deal than a hagwon. Here's why. The main goal of a hagwon is to make money. Even if the kids drive you up the wall day in and out, much won't be done, because the hagwons don't wanna lose enrollment (that = $$). Also, you could be working up to 10:00 p.m. or later at a hagwon. These kids go to school all day! I actually got a decent deal being off at 7:00 p.m. My current hagwon job is 30 hours/week. However, if employed by a public school, you're guaranteed to be off no later than 5-most likely before then. Yes, you work from 9-4, but only 20-22 hours of that time is actual teaching time. The other hours are "office" hours. In addition, public schools usually have a co-teacher assigned to your classes. Meaning, a Korean-speaking teacher will be in the classroom with you. I've heard that sometimes this cuts down on behavioral problems and misunderstandings. Depends on your co-teacher. Oh, and did I mention the 2-2 1/2 months of vacation when working at a public school vs. the 2 week (gotta fight for it) vacation at a hagwon? Icing on the cake, right?

2) Soooo, I got pretty lucky with my first roomie situation. I was roomed with someone who I instantly hit it off with. There wasn't much effort to it. Well, I've got a new roomie, and it's going pretty well, but it has taken way more effort. AND, what is a 28 year old woman doing having a roommate?!! You tell me. I have been pretty used to my own space since sophomore year of college, and I hated digressing to having to share my space; which is the reason for my 2nd requirement.

3) Location, location, location! This isn't really a need, but a want. I want to be able to get to my sister's place, in less than 20 mins; just for convenience

Well, I've placed my resume with several recruiters. I've also had some awesome friends give me the heads up on positions that are opening up. So, about a month ago, my friend recommended me to the Office of Education that she works for. They do all the hiring for the public schools in the area. She had to keep reminding me to send her my resume. I finally did. Another friend gave me the email address of a lady to contact at the same office! I contacted her, and dropped some names (lol), and she emailed me back to schedule an interview for last Friday. I went to the interview, and although some things did not go as planned, I was able to make it to the interview on time, and thought it went pretty well.

So, I had my weekend fun, and got back to reality on Monday. I saw one of the before mentioned friends, and she asked me had I heard back from the hiring manager. I said no, and in my head was thinking "but I hope that I do." Well, I go inside my apartment to check my emails on lunch break. Lo and behold, there's an email from the hiring manager saying that she's pleased to offer me the job!! ~insert two-step here~LOL

I am sooooo very stoked! In a matter of weeks, with the help of God and wonderful people who've given me support, advice, and encouragement, my situation has turned around! I feel like dancing! Okay, so getting back to the requirements; It fits all the requirements, but does not meet the location want. However, I'm still very excited to possibly accept the position. I know a gang of the employees already, and I'll be generally in the same area as now, give or take a few miles. I'd have my own spot, and with the vacation, let's just say I'll be home for Christmas next year folks!

A huge weight was lifted once I gave my resignation I just feel like I'm on cloud 9! Thanks for all of your prayers from near and far. All the advice, all the late night phone calls, and grandma, if you're reading (which I know you are), your grand babies are just fine! :-) I know you've been praying for us.

I'll fill you in on the regular happenings on another day. Today just warranted a blog post. Until next time, "It is never too late to be what you might have been." --George Eliott

Friday, December 3, 2010

90 days left and counting....

Yep, you read right! I now have 90 days left at my current school. I haven't decided yet whether I will take another position elsewhere...a lot to consider. But let me fill you in on the recent events (as of today... especially for those keeping up with my journey).

I finally had a meeting with the owner of my hagwon. He is also a pastor. I asked him to explain to me about why money was missing from my salary.

Long story short, he was very belligerent. he said the money had been taken for pension....except, he didn't enroll me in pension. He went into detail about how he was very "appalled" that I had contacted the National Pension Scheme to inquire about pension. He stated that "no one has ever had pension at this school. And if I, the CEO, Boss, doesn't even have pension, why would you?" Wow....can you say, I learned that I have self control today!???

I calmly asked him just to see what he would say, "Well is that required, or is it an option?" He replied: "It's legally required, but right now, they're not enforcing it. That's why I was so surprised to see the letter about you wanting to be enrolled. We have never paid pension, and to do so now, would mean we have to rewrite your contract. I'd be very upset if we have to pay pension. We are not a school worried about profit, and right now, we're in a deficit. It would be such a burden to have to pay pension; It'd be more than we planned to pay...That's why we wanted to hire Christians, so that they would be mission-minded and not worry about the pay."

My mind said "Errr????" LMBO! Didn't know you wanted Christians so you could screw them over!??? Also, there was an insurance issue...actually the fact that they would not enroll me in the National Insurance, that we discussed. He adamantly stated that it was not "the company's" job to enroll me in insurance, but mine. "Err???" My mind went again. So, I explained to him how the NHIC said that it was, in fact, his legal responsibility to provide me with NHIC. Of course, he said...well, then that means we'd have to pay you pension as well, and we're not prepared to do that. We'd have to rewrite your contract. No other teacher has asked for insurance, they always have their home insurance to cover them. I reiterated the fact that I'm "not" other teachers. SMH.

WOWZERS! But anyway, in the next 15 mins, I had offered my letter of resignation, gotten it signed, and finished the meeting. I feel so much freer. I did things the right way, and I feel great about that decision.

So, it's either a GREAT public school position, or home for me...the future destination is unknown at this time, but I know wherever it is, it's gonna be AWESOME, cause I'll be there. :-)

Thanks for following my journey till now....hold on to your trousers, it's not over yet!!!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

90 days down...don't know how many more I can go...

So, the past 2 weeks have been filled with ups and downs...Wow...I really don't wanna rehash old experiences. Let's just say that it's been a very trying time...And the mudslide after the storm has been that money is inexplicably missing from my check...

So, that in itself has changed the tides. I don't trust the school. The school doesn't trust me...they think I'm gonna run off and leave them without a teacher. And quite frankly, that thought has crossed my mind PLENTY of times. I just really can't stand being under appreciated. But, if I don't know but one thing from my 28 years of living, it's that you cannot make anyone value you any more than they are open, despite my best efforts, and smiley faces, I am "just" a disposable ESL teacher.

So, now, the gloves come out. I have a meeting with the owner tomorrow...he says to "revisit my contract." Haha...this is about to be a joke, but I promise you, the jokes on them! Coreans have the attitude that they can treat you any kind of way, and then in the presence of them, you're suppose to fake it like everything is ok. I am a mirror...I am trying to grow, and be more of the image that I want you to reflect--the image of Christ, but I can say with conviction, that I am not fully there yet.

So, while I am never gonna disrespect you, you will hear when I am not happy. You will hear it from my mouth, and through my actions. I am not worried though, I am confident that I will move when God says move, or stay if he says stay.

As my homegirl says, "it don't matter what we say, what you say, but what God says!" And it's so true. My sister says I may miss out on learning something about myself if I leave prematurely (of a 12 month contract). But I've already learned more about myself than before: I will not stand for any old thing. And only I determine my fate and future...I will not allow others to keep me unhappy, even if I have NO other options from other people's point of views. So, Boooyaa! LOL.

I digress...going to pray. Thanks for listening!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ACTION!! it's way too late for me to be up on a work night, but my mind is going, going, going like the energizer bunny. I've had several convos in the past couple of days with a few close friends of mine (intelligent women). And I've come to a conclusion after sifting through knowledge and conversation that:

I have been warped in my thinking!

I have created something in my head that's not really there, based on my own ambitions and desires. WWG??!! I mean really? I've never considered myself to be an irrational person. Actually, those who know me know I am quite rational; always considering the facts and digging to dispel any illusions or inconclusive information. Never allowing my heart to overpower my head.

So, I really don't know how I ended up here, but today is the first day of the rest of my life of knowing the truth. Believing the truth, and taking ACTION to stand up against fallacies that are implanted into my head. I have so many words that come to mind when I think of this situation, but none of them are appropriate for the general reader. LOL.

I just could't understand, why now? How? But, when I sat up tonight to think about it...I recognized the pattern! Anytime I am on the right track in life; anytime I set out with tunnel vision to reach a goal...a diversion is created to knock me back a few steps. AH HA! I recognized you! You were you in 2003.... You were you in 2008....and I'll be damned if I am gonna let you divert my attention again! I will reach my goals, and I will finish this leg of the race. So there! You gotta go mess with someone else.

I'm sure by now, you're wondering what in the world is this girl talking about!? Well, just to clarify, I'm not talking about any one person in particular. I'm talking about the spirit of diversion. Spooky huh? Not really. Ever had a clear goal in mind, and before you know it, you've forgotten all about your goal? For example: I'm going to lose weight...3 months later, you've gained some lbs? Ever notice that it's when you get that steely look in your eye to do something good for you, or do something that is right, that all hell breaks loose?

To dumb it is the force against what is good and right in us; against what God would have us to do. For people who find this hard to believe, why do you think that every action has an opposite and equal reaction in nature?

I digress. But I will say this...once you recognize it, it's easier to overcome. The fact that I've had a couple of months of depression here in South Korea is evidence to me that I must be sniffing around the right track. As for what I've allowed to divert my attention? That's between me, myself, and I. I will say this though; Tonight (this morning), the diversion is no longer a problem.

Wow...thank you Lord.

Until next time, Be still and know that He is God.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Soooo, it's a lazy Saturday morning. I've just finished some editing work, and am looking forward to doing nothing for most of the day.

My body is obviously telling me to rest. I've been sick going on 3 weeks now. They say when it rains, it pours! (whomever they are) But really, I went to the doctor about 3 weeks ago, and received treatment and medicine for a whopping 14,000 won...equivalent to about $12 USD. I was diagnosed with the flu. Everyone around me said that it took forever for me to get sick, compared to how quickly they became ill after moving here.

The medicine worked for the terrible part of how I was feeling. However, now, 2 weeks after the medicine is gone, I still have a head cold, and a terrible, painful cough! Looks like I'll be going back to the doctor soon. I've tried all the OTC medicines I have at home, but I'm convinced this needs professional help.

Anyhoo, this is why I'm committed to staying indoors for most of this weekend. Last weekend, I was feeling much better, and decided to go to Everland with BSSK (Brothas&Sistas of South Korea) and had a blast!

Here's some pics: BSSK in Everland

Oh, I am thinking about getting my own place. I miss my old roomie...I obviously have a new roomie. She's alright, but I miss my old roomie. At the end of the day, I wish to come home no other noise but my own. In the mornings, I wish to wake up no other noise but my own. End of story. LOL

Nothing more to report here. Until next time....Kimchi!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

They say it gets worse before it gets better...Who's "they" again??

So; It's officially been 2 months and 5 days since my arrival in S. Korea. You can guess how it's going by the fact that I'm counting days (hours too). LOL.

Don't get me wrong, S. Korea is beautiful. I really wish I could see more of it. However, the routine of doing the SAME THING everyday of the week is killing me! I feel creatively and socially stifled. For those of you who know me...this is worse for me than being physically restrained. I might as well be at a desk job in the U.S. Let me give you a picture of what I mean. MTWTHF 9am-12pm: Kindergarten kids; we sing songs, and learn a little bit. I love these kids!! They actually bring a smile to my face. 2pm-7pm: Hagwon kids; they learn English for 50 mins in a very controlled setting; following a strict guideline from a book. Not a bad book, but doesn't leave much room for spontaneity or creativity, since we must stay on schedule. 7:05pm-end of the day: Nothingness. LOL. No, foreal, maybe a movie, or a book. Definitely Facebook, and email checking time. At the end of the day, I only have the next workday to look forward to. Saturdays: Free Sundays: Must return to town for church (really...must) Sunday evenings: Nothingness

S/N: The good thing is, my late evening schedules will change tomorrow! I've joined a gym around the corner from me, and my subscription starts on November 1st (2mrw). Guess how much my monthly fee is? 10,000 won!! Equivalent to about $8.50/month. This should shake up my schedule a bit. I'm very excited to focus on something that's good for exercise. I have this picture of what I want to look like that I will tape to my ceiling. LOL. Gotta keep your goals in view right? So I'm excited about this fact.

Back to my concerns...I didn't expect my life to be so mundane in such a short time here. The people that I would prefer to hang out with; whom it seems have similar cultures with me, only like to party and get drunk on the weekends. No one says; "hey, let's go see the museums," or "hey, wanna learn Korean together?" I have been so dependent on others for a social life in the past, that the mere thought of exploring by myself makes me cringe. I will do it though. And I plan to do just that next weekend. (Weekends are my only times to do so). I'm just the type of person that believes most things are more fun with a friend or two tagging along. So...although my sister is here, we don't or can't always hang out.

I'm ready to go home...where I know where my friends are. Where every year, we take at least one trip together, and where every other weekend there is something or another to do. I know these times (feelings) will come and go. I'm a realist. So, bear with me while I get through this time...

Until next time...Nothingness (LOL)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum...I smell the blood of a drunken bum...

Work has settled down. I did what I do best, communicated, and it seems most things are back to normal. I'll be getting a new roomie in a week. Sigh. I don't expect the worst, but I am bracing myself for it nonetheless.

On an entirely different note, I am so sick and tired of the drunk men outside of my window! Korean men like to get drunk during the week, which is pretty opposite of Americans who get drunk on the weekend. LOL. Or at least keep it in doors during the week. These men; every night; are heard loudly and abrasively talking outside of my window. Then--it never fails--20 mins later, someone is urling! Ugh. I do not have a strong stomach when it comes to throw up! Think I'm going to buy me some ear plugs. I just hope that it doesn't prevent me from hearing my alarm that's desperately needed!

With the weather getting colder, my body is automatically going into hibernation mode! I do not want to get out of the covers in the morning, and I do not want to be out after the sun goes down--both of which I currently have to do. LOL. It's all good though. I'll take the good with the bad. Hopefully my working out will help fight against the winter blues and pounds! Ugh, especially the pounds. :-)

I got up this AM and walked around the lake. You've heard me refer to it as Asan Lake, well it's really called Sinchang Hole (pronouced Shinchong). It was a nice day to do so...and I feel excellent! Man, you walk differently when you do something to take care of just feel better.

Until next time, don't wait for others to do for you, do for yourself!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Cooling Down...yet Heating Up

Well, it's been a few days since my last post, and SO much has happened. I think I mentioned how cool it was getting so soon before however, yesterday I had to wear a scarf around my neck! If you're wondering, yes; I am cold natured. So for me, 65 degrees is a little chilly. At night, the temperatures drop down into the mid 50's, and to me, that's freezing!

Anywho...the good thing about all this, is that my hair is doing what I want it to do for now! This past Saturday, my sister straightened it for me, and I've made it all the way to Wednesday without re-flatironing it! Whoa....not even a professional job, and it's stayed this long!! If you're not natural, you wouldn't understand. LOL. Here's some pictures of my hair:

Alright, well on to the juicy part! Unfortunately, there will be some changes coming sooner than I expected! My roomie is going home at the end of the month....WAAAAAA! I am very sad about this, and the way the whole situation was handled by the school was straight BOGUS! I won't go into detail, but to say...this doesn't give me a good feeling, especially after what happened with me.

Since I am on the world-wide web, I won't share specific details, but I will say that recent events have shown that this particular school is not all it cracks up to be. I am still enjoying  my job, but the lack of  straightforward communication is driving me completely up the wall! I have to try and figure out what the school's administrators are thinking half the time, and then, when I do voice a specific concern or valid question, it is made to look like I'm either not doing all I can do (which I'm working on), or that my concern is just unsubstantiated. 

Well, prayer does change things, and I plan to pray until God reveals to me more about myself, and reveals a solution. And I know He will. Until then, I have separated myself: body; soul; and spirit. I am guarding my heart, and am keeping a positive outlook. Things won't always be this way; and when I'm looking back from the other side, I will be much wiser, stronger, and more stable. I know that all my steps are ordered by the Lord, so I cannot go wrong! (Yes, this is me encouraging myself--Like David!)

So, I'll be getting a new roomie in less than a month. I'm excited and apprehensive at the same time. I'm sure things will be fine. I'm easy enough to get along with right? (don't say a word!)  LOL

Oh, SN: One of my students is a collector of many things. He asked me for an American stamp, and he gave me a Korean stamp. He allowed me to take a picture of his Japanese and Chinese currency today. Below are pictures.

Until next time, Love your neighbor as yourself!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Locs that almost were...

Alright, well....many of you didn't know that 3 weeks ago, I decided to begin a journey of dred locking my hair! Well, that thought has since passed, and I've decided, I don't want to do it. LOL.

I started the 2-strand twists 3 weeks ago, and my good friend gave me all the advice she could...she even said "Maybe you're not ready to lock your hair..." for various reasons. At the time, I was contemplating covering my starter locs with a wig...

Fast forward to 3 weeks later. I am SO tired of looking at these 2-strand twists, and I miss my fro!! So, for entirely different reasons than going through the ugly stage, I have decided to untwist my hair, and recapture my fro!

I miss the versatility of my hair. Although locs are SO beautiful, I really am not at a point where I'm through exploring my hair in it's natural fro state. I want to be able to straighten it...get a sew in; things like that. And I realize now, that with locs, I would be able to have some beautiful styles, but not the above. :-( Ho hum...back to my fro journey. :-)

Enjoy the pics of the locs that "almost were." (or not)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting cool.....

Well, the weekend before my birthday my sister and her friend took me out! We had a great time in Osan--no pics to share. LOL. However, the day of my birthday (that following Tuesday) I was like very depressed! Wow, I had to shake myself a couple of times, and recognize that I am so blessed to see another birthday--I needed to denounce those feelings.

So I did, after a good long cry. LOL. So emotional. I'm actually right at the 30 day mark of being here, and I miss my friends, my family--my life. I truly just miss the normalcy of everything back in the US. Okay, so once I got over that feeling, and got it all out, I felt much better. I embraced my 28th birthday, and made a resolution that it's no looking back from here!

I'm going all the way--through my 1 year contract, that is. :-) I am even considering another year...if the conditions are right, and if my year here doesn't get much worse.

Some days, like today, I just want to push over every Korean I see!! I almost got hit by a car, and the driver looked at me as if she really didn't care!! It took God not to say what I wanted to say to her and every other Korean within earshot. So then, I walk down the street some more--and hey, whatdya know...a Korean family pretty much takes up the whole sidewalk with no regard that I need to walk past them. So when their freaking little kid almost runs into me, of course, nothing is said. I'm just looked at as if I have an elephant trunk in the middle of my face!

So, I'm ranting. But I truly think that today is just one of those days...It takes a lot of praying and self-reflection to make it through the week. Then when the weekend gets here, you feel as if everything you stressed about, isn't all that bad at all! LOL.

So, this Friday, may be "bad movie night" with a bunch of the Foreign teachers. "Bad movie night" is pretty much what it says; we all cram into one small apartment and watch a couple of badly made movies for entertainment. LOL. This will be my first time, if it comes through. Also got some other things lined up for the weekend; so I believe I'll have a good time.

Until next time, Here's to Peace, Love, and Sanity!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

So, I ate dog meat....

Up until now, I have really avoided eating anything weird...well, that all changed today. My boss took us to lunch, and we had dog meat...yup, I said it, DOG MEAT!

It was very interesting...pretty good, but I don't think I will opt to have it's a little too tough for me...maybe if it were stewed a bit more...hmmm.

Better hide your dogs! LMBO

Check out my pics here: View Pictures Here

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It is what it is...

So....I'm nearing my 1 month mark here in the lovely South Korea. I believe I will be just fine. I love the food, so all of those who thought it would be an automatic recipe for weight loss--think again. LOL. I'm actually going to inquire about the gym right up the street. This will give me a positive way to spend some of my free time.

Although, I'm venturing out a little on my own, I still realize the necessity of having company! It's been a short while, but I haven't met anyone yet that I just instantly clicked with....sure, I have a few acquaintances, but no one yet that I'd just call up on a whim and say, Hey you wanna do so and so, and they actually say, Sure, why not? Foreigners, for the most part, are few and far in between. Even the local foreign teachers are so embedded in their own interwoven fabric of culture, that it's hard for me to mesh. Once again, it has only been a month, but sometimes it's just easier to wait on that instant connection feeling. No forced conversations. Just a kindred spirit.

So, in the meantime, I will continue to do me, and experience being with author friend of mine, says, the most romantic date I'll ever go on is with myself...we shall see!! LOL. Not literally looking for romance (I always welcome the idea), but more so looking for a few cool people to hang out with and explore all of Asia.

I'll definitely keep you posted once I find what I'm looking for. :-) Hey, enjoy the pictures of my recent ongoings in Itaewon, Seoul (S. Korea). It's the tourist (foreign) shopping area. Also, have random pictures I've taken with my phone of my class and other items. ;-) View Pictures Here

Monday, September 13, 2010

I feel seasons everywhere...

Wow, don't know when it hit me, but it did! I'm in a totally freaking unfamiliar place in life...not just by physical location. I feel my mind opening up even more...exploring new possibilities in my dreams, ready to reach new heights spiritually, emotionally, physically.

My classes went great today...okay, lemme back up and tell the story. Well, my last class of the day, Junior High students (SIGH) have been giving me a very rough time. Well, at our end of the week meeting, I told the director about it. He's also a pastor. Well today, he popped up on us! He spoke with the children in their native tongue, and doggonit, were they not little angels for the rest of the day!?? LOL. I truly hope this behavior continues. With classes like these all day, I can definitely do this for a year, or more. I guess the bottom line is to establish who's in charge, and don't get frustrated. I had been letting them get to me, I'll admit...but they didn't know. I guess showing them that I meant business, by telling the higher up got their attention. I'm praying this lasts longer than a week! LOL.

Oh, good news though, we have vacation coming up next week. This is like the Korean version of Thanksgiving. It's called the Full Harvest Moon festival or Chuseok. It's the 21st-23rd of September. We might end up getting the whole week off. That'd be great!! Gonna try and decide where I'm going now...even though, I'm told it is crazy to travel on these days, because everyone else is traveling as well. Makes sense. I will probably just explore the local places...Take more pics for you guys and all.

Well, until next time, keep me in your prayers, and I'll do the same. Enjoy the pics. Click Here to See Recent Pictures

Monday, September 6, 2010

Reality has set in...

Today, I crashed my budget and bought me a 10,000 won plant. I figured it'd be easier to maintain than a pet. I cried inside today, for many reasons. One, I miss home. Two, I am one of the bridges between South Korean kids and the world. Many of them will never see another country. Many of them have never met an American outside of their hagwons (private institutions), and I am probably the first Black American any of them has ever seen. Anyway...getting back to my plant. I bought it as symbolism, and company. I realize that sometimes, I'll need something to look to for hope, and symbolism of my current growth. The plant is a vine; one of the easiest plants to grow, however it still requires some caring for. As it grows, I will grow. And as it gets longer, I pray my patience does as well.

This will be a long year. I know that it will get easier as the days go on...mostly with my last class. I actually have to put effort into teaching them. The korean children get worse as they get older with listening in class, instead of doing their own thing. So, my last class of ages 14-15 is terribly hard. They don't understand in congruence with the level they are put in, so that makes it even harder to teach the lessons. The lessons are not difficult to me, but getting the points across to them are. It doesn't help that half of the class is spent going over the same thing, since many of the students show up late...sometimes halfway through class. 1/4 of the time is spent telling them to speak Korean and to be quiet and listen. Finally 1/4 is spent on actually teaching the lesson. 50 mins goes by quickly...any longer, and I AND the students would lose our cool. LOL. But it is hardly enough time to teach what needs to be learned.

Hmmm, I am praying for a solution. Help me please; pray for me! Here's my plant...her name is Eun Ae (pronounced ooon EH), meaning Grace and Love.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pictures for you!!

Hi, check out my pictures so far through Google's was taking way to long to upload one by one. Hope you enjoy!! I should have more pictures soon. You must understand, I have been working hard! Haven't had much time for tourism....yet!        Pictures of South Korea so far

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm loving it here!!

So, the hot water issue was resolved....user error! Apparently, I have to push an electronic button each time I want hot water! LOL. The same with gas...I have to turn a nob or what not to use the gas burners. Otherwise, everything is gravy!!

I start teaching today! My hours are from 2pm to 7pm...only 5 hour can't get better, can it??!! Oh, one downside...I stay sweaty all day; but it's not like American sweaty. It's more like human condensation...I don't stink (unscrunch your noses! LOL). I've got some pictures to share with you all, and more explanation to follow! Enjoy!

I am finally here!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The countdown continues...

Well, well, well. It's down to the nitty-gritty. I have 2 more full days before boarding a flight across the world! Reality has set in, and I'm not nervous...just not imagining how I can stay on a flight for 12 hours at one time! LMBO! Guess I'll see pretty soon huh?

Oh, and not to mention the horrific experience my sister and niece just had to endure. They left ATL on Saturday morning at 9:45 a.m. They get all the way to Detroit--get on a flight to go the rest of the way to Korea--instead, 2 hours into the last leg, they get turned around back to Detroit! With no explanation!! Then, they are informed that the crew has been on board too long, so they have to be rerouted back to ATL! Whoa!!! Then once they get to ATL, they are informed that the flight to take them directly to Korea has been canceled. They are put up in a room for the night, and have to get a straight flight to S. Korea the next day...waaaay too much going on! I pray for an easier travel itinerary, and you know I must pray against any hindrances, like Pastor and First Lady do when we go on a trip! LOL.

Anyway, I'm at peace with my life. I just got off the phone with a person who has forever changed my thought process. I am going to do what I should have done a LONG time ago. Someone once said, until a plan/vision is written down, it's just a thought. So, I am going to stop avoiding the issue, and write my plan down for financial freedom--right now! It looks great in my head, but I know the Bible teaches me to write the vision and make it plain--then it shall speak, and not lie. I don't get the promise without fulfilling the prerequisite (courtesy of The Embassy Church).

I'll post again Thursday morning while waiting for my flight...probably even do a video (through Manna Video, Inc.). Love you all and be blessed!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Not-so-patiently awaiting my departure!

Well ladies and gents, it's going down! My recruiter sent me my flight details today. I'll be leaving the States (♪God Bless the USA♪) on Thursday August 26th at 5:30 am. Yes, you read that right, it's AM! OMG, what in the world?!? LOL. At any rate, I'll fly over to Charlotte (why? IDK) and then from Charlotte, NC I fly to Los Angeles. I sit in LA for about 3 hours (probably just enough time to get through baggage and customs), then take Asiana Airways to Seoul, S. Korea. I sleep (assumption) for the next 12 hours and 30 mins, and arrive in Seoul at 6:10 pm. Someone will be there holding a sign with my name on it...they'll help me to the bus (all must be done by 7:20, when the last express bus to Asan departs the airport) and from the bus, someone (???) will pick me up! They actually gave me the name of the teacher who will pick me up, but...can't remember it right now.

Obviously, I'm excited. Just wanted to update you as I promised!! Be praying--I know you will be. Pooped-I'm going to bed!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Uber Excited!!

Well folks, it is finally official! I am on my way to South Korea in a few days. I spoke with my recruiter, and she says the hagwon (private academy) wants me to leave on Thursday 8/26/2010. I haven't received my actual flight confirmation via email though.

Tab and Tionne rode with me to pick up my passport today. It's a little less surreal now that I have visa in hand! Gotta start making preparations now...repacking, mostly. I thought I'd try and carry another piece of luggage until Tab (my sister) informed me that it will cost me roughly $130 to take an extra bag!! Where they do that at?!? (shout-out to Kesha, my friend from The Embassy) :-)

So, it looks like I'll be leaving even more items at my mom's. I just can't afford to be paying that much extra! I mean, really?!?

So, I'm excited, but more relaxed now. I'll try to keep you all informed weekly of what's going on through words, videos, or pictures. It'll probably be even more frequently until the honeymoon period wears off. LOL...I hear that'll be around the 90 day mark...but we'll see.

The GREAT news is, that my sister and my niece are stationed in South Korea at Camp Humphreys. So, we'll get to see each other often. Did I say I'm excited??

Until next time, Na-jung-e bwae-yo! - Google're gonna learn Korean with me! Love ya!!