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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I am finally here!!!


  1. "it didnt taste like chicken, it didnt look like chicken but it was chicken." LMBO!!! I am glad you are adjusting and doing well. Please ask them can you change that wall paper or go old school and hang some posters, something. That is hideous and boring. LOL. Well enjoy your new life. Love ya bunches big sis. SN: i dont know what i am doing, how to post this but hopefully you see it. lol -Kesh

  2. HAHA Kesha!! You are crazy! Tan loves the wall paper!! To each his/her own-huh? LOL. I pay hang some pictures, but I actually like the wall's serene. Oh, I did bring my Scentsy give me a feel of home. Love to you soon.