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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting cool.....

Well, the weekend before my birthday my sister and her friend took me out! We had a great time in Osan--no pics to share. LOL. However, the day of my birthday (that following Tuesday) I was like very depressed! Wow, I had to shake myself a couple of times, and recognize that I am so blessed to see another birthday--I needed to denounce those feelings.

So I did, after a good long cry. LOL. So emotional. I'm actually right at the 30 day mark of being here, and I miss my friends, my family--my life. I truly just miss the normalcy of everything back in the US. Okay, so once I got over that feeling, and got it all out, I felt much better. I embraced my 28th birthday, and made a resolution that it's no looking back from here!

I'm going all the way--through my 1 year contract, that is. :-) I am even considering another year...if the conditions are right, and if my year here doesn't get much worse.

Some days, like today, I just want to push over every Korean I see!! I almost got hit by a car, and the driver looked at me as if she really didn't care!! It took God not to say what I wanted to say to her and every other Korean within earshot. So then, I walk down the street some more--and hey, whatdya know...a Korean family pretty much takes up the whole sidewalk with no regard that I need to walk past them. So when their freaking little kid almost runs into me, of course, nothing is said. I'm just looked at as if I have an elephant trunk in the middle of my face!

So, I'm ranting. But I truly think that today is just one of those days...It takes a lot of praying and self-reflection to make it through the week. Then when the weekend gets here, you feel as if everything you stressed about, isn't all that bad at all! LOL.

So, this Friday, may be "bad movie night" with a bunch of the Foreign teachers. "Bad movie night" is pretty much what it says; we all cram into one small apartment and watch a couple of badly made movies for entertainment. LOL. This will be my first time, if it comes through. Also got some other things lined up for the weekend; so I believe I'll have a good time.

Until next time, Here's to Peace, Love, and Sanity!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

So, I ate dog meat....

Up until now, I have really avoided eating anything weird...well, that all changed today. My boss took us to lunch, and we had dog meat...yup, I said it, DOG MEAT!

It was very interesting...pretty good, but I don't think I will opt to have it's a little too tough for me...maybe if it were stewed a bit more...hmmm.

Better hide your dogs! LMBO

Check out my pics here: View Pictures Here

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It is what it is...

So....I'm nearing my 1 month mark here in the lovely South Korea. I believe I will be just fine. I love the food, so all of those who thought it would be an automatic recipe for weight loss--think again. LOL. I'm actually going to inquire about the gym right up the street. This will give me a positive way to spend some of my free time.

Although, I'm venturing out a little on my own, I still realize the necessity of having company! It's been a short while, but I haven't met anyone yet that I just instantly clicked with....sure, I have a few acquaintances, but no one yet that I'd just call up on a whim and say, Hey you wanna do so and so, and they actually say, Sure, why not? Foreigners, for the most part, are few and far in between. Even the local foreign teachers are so embedded in their own interwoven fabric of culture, that it's hard for me to mesh. Once again, it has only been a month, but sometimes it's just easier to wait on that instant connection feeling. No forced conversations. Just a kindred spirit.

So, in the meantime, I will continue to do me, and experience being with author friend of mine, says, the most romantic date I'll ever go on is with myself...we shall see!! LOL. Not literally looking for romance (I always welcome the idea), but more so looking for a few cool people to hang out with and explore all of Asia.

I'll definitely keep you posted once I find what I'm looking for. :-) Hey, enjoy the pictures of my recent ongoings in Itaewon, Seoul (S. Korea). It's the tourist (foreign) shopping area. Also, have random pictures I've taken with my phone of my class and other items. ;-) View Pictures Here

Monday, September 13, 2010

I feel seasons everywhere...

Wow, don't know when it hit me, but it did! I'm in a totally freaking unfamiliar place in life...not just by physical location. I feel my mind opening up even more...exploring new possibilities in my dreams, ready to reach new heights spiritually, emotionally, physically.

My classes went great today...okay, lemme back up and tell the story. Well, my last class of the day, Junior High students (SIGH) have been giving me a very rough time. Well, at our end of the week meeting, I told the director about it. He's also a pastor. Well today, he popped up on us! He spoke with the children in their native tongue, and doggonit, were they not little angels for the rest of the day!?? LOL. I truly hope this behavior continues. With classes like these all day, I can definitely do this for a year, or more. I guess the bottom line is to establish who's in charge, and don't get frustrated. I had been letting them get to me, I'll admit...but they didn't know. I guess showing them that I meant business, by telling the higher up got their attention. I'm praying this lasts longer than a week! LOL.

Oh, good news though, we have vacation coming up next week. This is like the Korean version of Thanksgiving. It's called the Full Harvest Moon festival or Chuseok. It's the 21st-23rd of September. We might end up getting the whole week off. That'd be great!! Gonna try and decide where I'm going now...even though, I'm told it is crazy to travel on these days, because everyone else is traveling as well. Makes sense. I will probably just explore the local places...Take more pics for you guys and all.

Well, until next time, keep me in your prayers, and I'll do the same. Enjoy the pics. Click Here to See Recent Pictures

Monday, September 6, 2010

Reality has set in...

Today, I crashed my budget and bought me a 10,000 won plant. I figured it'd be easier to maintain than a pet. I cried inside today, for many reasons. One, I miss home. Two, I am one of the bridges between South Korean kids and the world. Many of them will never see another country. Many of them have never met an American outside of their hagwons (private institutions), and I am probably the first Black American any of them has ever seen. Anyway...getting back to my plant. I bought it as symbolism, and company. I realize that sometimes, I'll need something to look to for hope, and symbolism of my current growth. The plant is a vine; one of the easiest plants to grow, however it still requires some caring for. As it grows, I will grow. And as it gets longer, I pray my patience does as well.

This will be a long year. I know that it will get easier as the days go on...mostly with my last class. I actually have to put effort into teaching them. The korean children get worse as they get older with listening in class, instead of doing their own thing. So, my last class of ages 14-15 is terribly hard. They don't understand in congruence with the level they are put in, so that makes it even harder to teach the lessons. The lessons are not difficult to me, but getting the points across to them are. It doesn't help that half of the class is spent going over the same thing, since many of the students show up late...sometimes halfway through class. 1/4 of the time is spent telling them to speak Korean and to be quiet and listen. Finally 1/4 is spent on actually teaching the lesson. 50 mins goes by quickly...any longer, and I AND the students would lose our cool. LOL. But it is hardly enough time to teach what needs to be learned.

Hmmm, I am praying for a solution. Help me please; pray for me! Here's my plant...her name is Eun Ae (pronounced ooon EH), meaning Grace and Love.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pictures for you!!

Hi, check out my pictures so far through Google's was taking way to long to upload one by one. Hope you enjoy!! I should have more pictures soon. You must understand, I have been working hard! Haven't had much time for tourism....yet!        Pictures of South Korea so far

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm loving it here!!

So, the hot water issue was resolved....user error! Apparently, I have to push an electronic button each time I want hot water! LOL. The same with gas...I have to turn a nob or what not to use the gas burners. Otherwise, everything is gravy!!

I start teaching today! My hours are from 2pm to 7pm...only 5 hour can't get better, can it??!! Oh, one downside...I stay sweaty all day; but it's not like American sweaty. It's more like human condensation...I don't stink (unscrunch your noses! LOL). I've got some pictures to share with you all, and more explanation to follow! Enjoy!

I am finally here!!!