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Sunday, October 31, 2010

They say it gets worse before it gets better...Who's "they" again??

So; It's officially been 2 months and 5 days since my arrival in S. Korea. You can guess how it's going by the fact that I'm counting days (hours too). LOL.

Don't get me wrong, S. Korea is beautiful. I really wish I could see more of it. However, the routine of doing the SAME THING everyday of the week is killing me! I feel creatively and socially stifled. For those of you who know me...this is worse for me than being physically restrained. I might as well be at a desk job in the U.S. Let me give you a picture of what I mean. MTWTHF 9am-12pm: Kindergarten kids; we sing songs, and learn a little bit. I love these kids!! They actually bring a smile to my face. 2pm-7pm: Hagwon kids; they learn English for 50 mins in a very controlled setting; following a strict guideline from a book. Not a bad book, but doesn't leave much room for spontaneity or creativity, since we must stay on schedule. 7:05pm-end of the day: Nothingness. LOL. No, foreal, maybe a movie, or a book. Definitely Facebook, and email checking time. At the end of the day, I only have the next workday to look forward to. Saturdays: Free Sundays: Must return to town for church (really...must) Sunday evenings: Nothingness

S/N: The good thing is, my late evening schedules will change tomorrow! I've joined a gym around the corner from me, and my subscription starts on November 1st (2mrw). Guess how much my monthly fee is? 10,000 won!! Equivalent to about $8.50/month. This should shake up my schedule a bit. I'm very excited to focus on something that's good for exercise. I have this picture of what I want to look like that I will tape to my ceiling. LOL. Gotta keep your goals in view right? So I'm excited about this fact.

Back to my concerns...I didn't expect my life to be so mundane in such a short time here. The people that I would prefer to hang out with; whom it seems have similar cultures with me, only like to party and get drunk on the weekends. No one says; "hey, let's go see the museums," or "hey, wanna learn Korean together?" I have been so dependent on others for a social life in the past, that the mere thought of exploring by myself makes me cringe. I will do it though. And I plan to do just that next weekend. (Weekends are my only times to do so). I'm just the type of person that believes most things are more fun with a friend or two tagging along. So...although my sister is here, we don't or can't always hang out.

I'm ready to go home...where I know where my friends are. Where every year, we take at least one trip together, and where every other weekend there is something or another to do. I know these times (feelings) will come and go. I'm a realist. So, bear with me while I get through this time...

Until next time...Nothingness (LOL)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum...I smell the blood of a drunken bum...

Work has settled down. I did what I do best, communicated, and it seems most things are back to normal. I'll be getting a new roomie in a week. Sigh. I don't expect the worst, but I am bracing myself for it nonetheless.

On an entirely different note, I am so sick and tired of the drunk men outside of my window! Korean men like to get drunk during the week, which is pretty opposite of Americans who get drunk on the weekend. LOL. Or at least keep it in doors during the week. These men; every night; are heard loudly and abrasively talking outside of my window. Then--it never fails--20 mins later, someone is urling! Ugh. I do not have a strong stomach when it comes to throw up! Think I'm going to buy me some ear plugs. I just hope that it doesn't prevent me from hearing my alarm that's desperately needed!

With the weather getting colder, my body is automatically going into hibernation mode! I do not want to get out of the covers in the morning, and I do not want to be out after the sun goes down--both of which I currently have to do. LOL. It's all good though. I'll take the good with the bad. Hopefully my working out will help fight against the winter blues and pounds! Ugh, especially the pounds. :-)

I got up this AM and walked around the lake. You've heard me refer to it as Asan Lake, well it's really called Sinchang Hole (pronouced Shinchong). It was a nice day to do so...and I feel excellent! Man, you walk differently when you do something to take care of just feel better.

Until next time, don't wait for others to do for you, do for yourself!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Cooling Down...yet Heating Up

Well, it's been a few days since my last post, and SO much has happened. I think I mentioned how cool it was getting so soon before however, yesterday I had to wear a scarf around my neck! If you're wondering, yes; I am cold natured. So for me, 65 degrees is a little chilly. At night, the temperatures drop down into the mid 50's, and to me, that's freezing!

Anywho...the good thing about all this, is that my hair is doing what I want it to do for now! This past Saturday, my sister straightened it for me, and I've made it all the way to Wednesday without re-flatironing it! Whoa....not even a professional job, and it's stayed this long!! If you're not natural, you wouldn't understand. LOL. Here's some pictures of my hair:

Alright, well on to the juicy part! Unfortunately, there will be some changes coming sooner than I expected! My roomie is going home at the end of the month....WAAAAAA! I am very sad about this, and the way the whole situation was handled by the school was straight BOGUS! I won't go into detail, but to say...this doesn't give me a good feeling, especially after what happened with me.

Since I am on the world-wide web, I won't share specific details, but I will say that recent events have shown that this particular school is not all it cracks up to be. I am still enjoying  my job, but the lack of  straightforward communication is driving me completely up the wall! I have to try and figure out what the school's administrators are thinking half the time, and then, when I do voice a specific concern or valid question, it is made to look like I'm either not doing all I can do (which I'm working on), or that my concern is just unsubstantiated. 

Well, prayer does change things, and I plan to pray until God reveals to me more about myself, and reveals a solution. And I know He will. Until then, I have separated myself: body; soul; and spirit. I am guarding my heart, and am keeping a positive outlook. Things won't always be this way; and when I'm looking back from the other side, I will be much wiser, stronger, and more stable. I know that all my steps are ordered by the Lord, so I cannot go wrong! (Yes, this is me encouraging myself--Like David!)

So, I'll be getting a new roomie in less than a month. I'm excited and apprehensive at the same time. I'm sure things will be fine. I'm easy enough to get along with right? (don't say a word!)  LOL

Oh, SN: One of my students is a collector of many things. He asked me for an American stamp, and he gave me a Korean stamp. He allowed me to take a picture of his Japanese and Chinese currency today. Below are pictures.

Until next time, Love your neighbor as yourself!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Locs that almost were...

Alright, well....many of you didn't know that 3 weeks ago, I decided to begin a journey of dred locking my hair! Well, that thought has since passed, and I've decided, I don't want to do it. LOL.

I started the 2-strand twists 3 weeks ago, and my good friend gave me all the advice she could...she even said "Maybe you're not ready to lock your hair..." for various reasons. At the time, I was contemplating covering my starter locs with a wig...

Fast forward to 3 weeks later. I am SO tired of looking at these 2-strand twists, and I miss my fro!! So, for entirely different reasons than going through the ugly stage, I have decided to untwist my hair, and recapture my fro!

I miss the versatility of my hair. Although locs are SO beautiful, I really am not at a point where I'm through exploring my hair in it's natural fro state. I want to be able to straighten it...get a sew in; things like that. And I realize now, that with locs, I would be able to have some beautiful styles, but not the above. :-( Ho hum...back to my fro journey. :-)

Enjoy the pics of the locs that "almost were." (or not)