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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tick-tock, said the clock...

So, the semester is winding down! I officially have 6 more weeks of teaching and I'm done! I'll be able to enjoy a long 7-weeks of paid vacation. Man, I'm definitely not gonna get that in the States.

In recent news, I managed to make it to the final round of the Teaching Competition I entered. I am very excited that my hard work paid off; BUT, it also meant more hard work! My presentation is finally coming together. Yep, the one that's due in 2 days! Bwahahaha! I will be fine. Positive affirmation is everything. The good part of the presentation is that I am going to imagine everyone without  hair, so I can laugh, and keep from being nervous!

In very recent news, I've decided that Korea has been a good run, but I'm heading back to the States--North Carolina specifically! Yep, I'll be heading back to my hometown, to pick my "real" life back up. Just a few posts ago, I was already decided that I'd stay in Korea another year, but this recent bout of homesickness made me reconsider. So, I started searching...for jobs that is. And I found one, in my very own backyard--working with my very own father! Now this is where the REAL adventure will begin! ^.^

So anyway, now that I have some free time coming up I have to make a decision on what to do. I'd like your advice--

1) Stay here and take in sites I missed
2) See more of Southeast Asia
3) Get lasik eye surgery and recoup
4) None of the above: High tail it home ASAP and chill!

Decisions, decisions! They never stop coming! Until next time, make your next move, your best move! (Thanks Benita)

Friday, November 25, 2011

The dust settles...

So, this post is very random, yet relevant. I can't really put my finger on what I want to say; so, I'll try to sum it up into one phrase "Love is like the sea." You can deduct from that what you want. :-)

So, it's been about 1 1/2 months since my beau and I split. The emotional dust is settling...Okay, REWIND! So, you didn't know I was dating in Korea, right!? Well, I was. I met him in March, and we ended it in October...much to my demise...

But, like I was saying; I went through all the emotions that I think are healthy and a few that I know were definitely NOT healthy. I allowed myself one solid weekend to "officially" mourn...LOL. Ya know what I mean; close the curtains, turn off the lights, hole up in a corner; go through a box of tissues, listen to break up songs, and not answer the door or phone. That got old quickly, and I moved on to the more healthy ways to cope.

Although mentally, I've moved on, and am focusing on me, my heart is still heavy thinking of how much fun we had together and the ways in which we actually were compatible. But, like a wise man said somewhere in olden days, you can't cry over spoilt' milk. There's no point.

This most recently ended "ship" just got me to doing a lot of thinking...I'm very weary of the dating scene. "This" time will always be different; I'll be the exception. The number one conclusion I've come to is nothing "new" per se: It takes two to tango. It only takes 1 person in a friendship, courtship, or marriage to wake up one day and realize that he/she doesn't wanna do this anymore...and there goes that.

If you feel this way, why do you date then? You may be asking me. Because...I'm guilty. Handcuff me. Throw me in jail. I am so guilty of still believing in love. Yes, the fairy-tale kind. Sue me. LOL. I believe because I have faith.

My faith reminds me that I have a Father who loves me more than anything in this universe; and His love is like no other (1 Corinthians 13:4). He's blessed me with a natural father who loves me more than any man in this world. It only makes sense that He's already sending the man that will love me like He desires for me to be loved in a marriage.

I just need to take out the guess work and trust Him. So yeah, I'm the blame for my current status. Like I said, this blog is a bit random; and a little all over the place. But guess what? It's MY blog! I can do that!! Hee hee.

Until next time, the solution to your problem resides within you. Take a look in the mirror sometimes...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A new challenge--totally unrelated to Korea!

So, very recently, I was introduced to a YouTube poster named Kimmaytube. I was advised to check out her hair practices and results. I am FLOORED. Not only has she shown the product of her hard work, she's totally backed up (or reneged on) her practices with research and proof! I must say, I am a sucker for practicality, logic, and research. I am the type of person who will argue a point against you--not because I care that much--but because what you are saying is unfounded and/or not "fool" proof.

So, in saying that, I've decided to follow in many of Kimmaytube's practices, in hopes that my hair responds just as favorably as hers. I have been natural (did the big chop) since August 2008. While my hair has grown tremendously from about 1/2 of an inch in 3 years, I am convinced that it can do more! I know how I've treated my hair (not too bad, but not excellent) and my splitting ends seem to be the most problem (as for many people), and the reason for not retaining length.

Although natural for 3 years, I have just recently gained an interest in natural "hair care." Anyway, I'm saying all of this to say; I am starting a hair challenge!!! My goal is to grow my hair 1 1/2 inches in 90 days. I'm not sure if  that's considered a high or low goal, but let's consider this: 1) It is rumored that the average person's hair grows about 1/2 an inch give or take a bit per month. 2) My history: Chopped my hair off to 1/2 an inch in 8/2008. If my hair would have retained its 1/2 an inch growth every month since then, it would be a little over 15 inches long by now (which it is not). So, taking these things into consideration, I think I've set a realistic, yet, adventurous goal.

Once I receive my products, and do my next wash, I will actually measure my hair and post pictures so you can follow me on this journey. I don't wanna be a hair mogul, just a mogul who has a successful hair story! LOL. (No, really!)

Anyway, all I can say is, LET'S GO! Until next time, set a personal challenge--what is it that you think you can achieve?

Friday, November 4, 2011

It's just too good to be true...

So, since I'm in writing mode already (I'll explain soon), I decided to take a break and blog! Not much going on this way, but teaching and chilling...

I just wanna give a shout out to God! Whew, He's kept me through a year in Korea!

I've gained some things, lost some things, but in the bigger picture, it was all part of His plan. <insert praise break here> ^^

BTW "^^" is the Korean equivalent of our smiley face. It is used just as commonly as our "LOL." But, that is NOT what I want to write about.

Let me tell you what's been going down in good ole' Korea!

1) School is still going great! I'm truly blessed to have not only 1--but 2 schools that I adore and mesh very well with.

2) I've started language exchange with a new acquaintance from school. We're both learning each others' languages, so it's perfect. And the company isn't bad either! ALSO, I've started taking a Korean language class. I'm really enjoying it; but I've been sketchy on attendance lately. Why? That brings me to number...

3) I'm entering a teaching competition! Lemme tell you all about it...

So, last Tuesday, my head co-teacher came to me in a frantic state. I thought something was wrong. Come to find out, she really wanted me to enter a teaching competition. I'm like, <look left, look right> are you sure? I mean, I enjoy what I do, but I'm not a certified teacher. She showed me all the requirements, and it looked pretty foreign, but because I like her a lot and don't want to disappoint the school, I did what any good Korean employee--I mean employee would do. I said "sure!"

So--real talk--I've been working on this competition package in most of my free time since that day. I've recorded a class period (nerve wrecking) and started editing...thinking I'm doing something! Ummm, nope! I just finished editing the video today with all the finishing touches. At 5 today, I started working on the written part...My Lord! It's gonna be a long night. But to top it all off...this submission is only for the first round of eliminations! If, by some miracle, I don't make it to the last round (yep, I'm that confident) then this work may all be in vain!

The great thing is, I'm really enjoying putting how I feel about teaching here onto paper. And, I thank God for definitely prepped me for this moment by writing 20 page "A" papers in a night or so. ^^

So all in all, I'm not sad that I accepted. I am sad for my night...because all I foresee is black and white for a while in the near future! *chuckle*

Until next time give whatever you're doing your all, you will enjoy it much more!!