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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tick-tock, said the clock...

So, the semester is winding down! I officially have 6 more weeks of teaching and I'm done! I'll be able to enjoy a long 7-weeks of paid vacation. Man, I'm definitely not gonna get that in the States.

In recent news, I managed to make it to the final round of the Teaching Competition I entered. I am very excited that my hard work paid off; BUT, it also meant more hard work! My presentation is finally coming together. Yep, the one that's due in 2 days! Bwahahaha! I will be fine. Positive affirmation is everything. The good part of the presentation is that I am going to imagine everyone without  hair, so I can laugh, and keep from being nervous!

In very recent news, I've decided that Korea has been a good run, but I'm heading back to the States--North Carolina specifically! Yep, I'll be heading back to my hometown, to pick my "real" life back up. Just a few posts ago, I was already decided that I'd stay in Korea another year, but this recent bout of homesickness made me reconsider. So, I started searching...for jobs that is. And I found one, in my very own backyard--working with my very own father! Now this is where the REAL adventure will begin! ^.^

So anyway, now that I have some free time coming up I have to make a decision on what to do. I'd like your advice--

1) Stay here and take in sites I missed
2) See more of Southeast Asia
3) Get lasik eye surgery and recoup
4) None of the above: High tail it home ASAP and chill!

Decisions, decisions! They never stop coming! Until next time, make your next move, your best move! (Thanks Benita)

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  1. Cool, Maybe you can hang out with a certain Tall,Dark,Handsome brother when you get back to NC. Just Sayin.LOL