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Friday, December 16, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it....ERRR?

So, I was all excited about the snow last was pretty! Then it dawned on me, OH NO! SNOW!!!! Meaning, I have to get my car winterized. Haven't done it yet, and I'm SMH at myself. I guess, until I can do so, I'll be on public transportation.

It snowed again last night, and is currently snowing again. Sigh. I like the freedom of driving. Like, for instance, I want to wash and dry clothes at my sister's house this weekend. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll be doing it at home, because who wants to get on the subway and bus with a load of stuff!? Been there, done that, didn't enjoy it.

Snow is only nice when you don't have to be out in it. If things continue as is, looks like we "might" be having a white Christmas...

On another note, I'm gonna take some of this weekend to start preparing things that will stay, be shipped, or be thrown away! I can't wait--for everything to be gone. Then it will really feel like I'm leaving soon. The thing I hate the most about moving is getting rid of the small things. It seems like the more you throw away or pack, the more appears! Sigh (again). Here's to nothing.

I never thought I'd settle down back in North Carolina, and maybe I won't. But one thing's for sure, moving is just not where it's at--you wouldn't tell by the amount of times I've actually done it. Maybe I'll give myself a few years break before embarking on another move...just maybe.

Until next time, sip on some peppermint tea and enjoy the snow! (or lack of)

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