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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bite the bullet...

Well, it's officially that time of the year; this year, it's 2-fold: Holiday season and the end of my contract and my time here in Korea.

Let's address this holiday thing real quickly. I've never in the past been "a scrooge" but this year, I must say, BAH HUM BAG! My Christmas plans, which apparently I made in my head, and not with the person I planned to spend it with, fell through. So, I ended up spending Christmas with just Joey and I...and God, of course.

I went to church Christmas morning, but I got there an hour late! That's not even my stylo...but I couldn't decide how to style my wig! LMBO! As if it mattered!? I ended up wearing my natural hair anyway...And got the blessing that "the negative powers that be" were trying to make me miss out on. So boooyah! Sticking out my tongue.

I then proceeded to go back to my sister's apartment; eat some leftovers, and wash 3 loads of laundry! The awesome thing is--she has a clothes dryer!! For those of you who don't know, SoKo doesn't have dryers with wash your clothes, then hang them up to dry. In the summer, no sweat; the heat of the sun does the work for you--however, in the winter; NO BUENO! Your clothes are just wet and cold forever!!
I actually dry mine inside my apartment instead of the specially created room for washing and hanging, because my Ondol (or floor heater) is warm enough to dry the load in a day and 1/2.

Anyway, after watching TV and washing clothes, I made my way back to my I am greeted by boxes and stuff! When I say stuff, I mean things to give away, things to throw away, stuff I haven't decided on yet...Sigh. I am ready for all of this stuff to be gone! So I thought...

I was ready for it to be gone because it signified the 4 weeks I had left to leave I thought (once again). Technically, I can leave the country on 1/14th if I wanted. That's the last day I'll be required to teach. However, my contract isn't officially up until 2/29/2012. I just found out today that my last check and all the perks I signed the contract for, will not be paid until the last day of my contract. Errrrm...which means, for all intensive purposes, I too will be here until the last day of my contract. WAAAAAAAAAAA! This is SO not how I envisioned it.

Yes, I can go home, and arrange for my money to be sent home to me, but I just don't feel comfortable doing that. I've had a GREAT relationship with my school--it's not that I think I'll "intentionally" get screwed, but for the sake of argument, if something does happen, and I'm in the States, do you really think I'm flying back to straighten it out? Noooope. Because I understand the concept of "out of sight out of mind," my yella behind is gonna be here until the last dime has been collected...I just can't go out like that. LOL

Unfortunately, that means, I'll be Korea, with no work to do; with nothing to freaking do...ugh. I thought about vacation somewhere, but my whole plan was to not spend money but save it for my return home... still debating on that. And to top it ALL off...a very special person is leaving me the beginning of January...yeah, I think I had better book a vacation somewhere. I might not be able to take it staying around here...

So, I just needed to vent just now...Until next time; it never hurts to ask; Just be prepared if the answer isn't what you wanted to hear.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it....ERRR?

So, I was all excited about the snow last was pretty! Then it dawned on me, OH NO! SNOW!!!! Meaning, I have to get my car winterized. Haven't done it yet, and I'm SMH at myself. I guess, until I can do so, I'll be on public transportation.

It snowed again last night, and is currently snowing again. Sigh. I like the freedom of driving. Like, for instance, I want to wash and dry clothes at my sister's house this weekend. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll be doing it at home, because who wants to get on the subway and bus with a load of stuff!? Been there, done that, didn't enjoy it.

Snow is only nice when you don't have to be out in it. If things continue as is, looks like we "might" be having a white Christmas...

On another note, I'm gonna take some of this weekend to start preparing things that will stay, be shipped, or be thrown away! I can't wait--for everything to be gone. Then it will really feel like I'm leaving soon. The thing I hate the most about moving is getting rid of the small things. It seems like the more you throw away or pack, the more appears! Sigh (again). Here's to nothing.

I never thought I'd settle down back in North Carolina, and maybe I won't. But one thing's for sure, moving is just not where it's at--you wouldn't tell by the amount of times I've actually done it. Maybe I'll give myself a few years break before embarking on another move...just maybe.

Until next time, sip on some peppermint tea and enjoy the snow! (or lack of)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tick-tock, said the clock...

So, the semester is winding down! I officially have 6 more weeks of teaching and I'm done! I'll be able to enjoy a long 7-weeks of paid vacation. Man, I'm definitely not gonna get that in the States.

In recent news, I managed to make it to the final round of the Teaching Competition I entered. I am very excited that my hard work paid off; BUT, it also meant more hard work! My presentation is finally coming together. Yep, the one that's due in 2 days! Bwahahaha! I will be fine. Positive affirmation is everything. The good part of the presentation is that I am going to imagine everyone without  hair, so I can laugh, and keep from being nervous!

In very recent news, I've decided that Korea has been a good run, but I'm heading back to the States--North Carolina specifically! Yep, I'll be heading back to my hometown, to pick my "real" life back up. Just a few posts ago, I was already decided that I'd stay in Korea another year, but this recent bout of homesickness made me reconsider. So, I started searching...for jobs that is. And I found one, in my very own backyard--working with my very own father! Now this is where the REAL adventure will begin! ^.^

So anyway, now that I have some free time coming up I have to make a decision on what to do. I'd like your advice--

1) Stay here and take in sites I missed
2) See more of Southeast Asia
3) Get lasik eye surgery and recoup
4) None of the above: High tail it home ASAP and chill!

Decisions, decisions! They never stop coming! Until next time, make your next move, your best move! (Thanks Benita)

Friday, November 25, 2011

The dust settles...

So, this post is very random, yet relevant. I can't really put my finger on what I want to say; so, I'll try to sum it up into one phrase "Love is like the sea." You can deduct from that what you want. :-)

So, it's been about 1 1/2 months since my beau and I split. The emotional dust is settling...Okay, REWIND! So, you didn't know I was dating in Korea, right!? Well, I was. I met him in March, and we ended it in October...much to my demise...

But, like I was saying; I went through all the emotions that I think are healthy and a few that I know were definitely NOT healthy. I allowed myself one solid weekend to "officially" mourn...LOL. Ya know what I mean; close the curtains, turn off the lights, hole up in a corner; go through a box of tissues, listen to break up songs, and not answer the door or phone. That got old quickly, and I moved on to the more healthy ways to cope.

Although mentally, I've moved on, and am focusing on me, my heart is still heavy thinking of how much fun we had together and the ways in which we actually were compatible. But, like a wise man said somewhere in olden days, you can't cry over spoilt' milk. There's no point.

This most recently ended "ship" just got me to doing a lot of thinking...I'm very weary of the dating scene. "This" time will always be different; I'll be the exception. The number one conclusion I've come to is nothing "new" per se: It takes two to tango. It only takes 1 person in a friendship, courtship, or marriage to wake up one day and realize that he/she doesn't wanna do this anymore...and there goes that.

If you feel this way, why do you date then? You may be asking me. Because...I'm guilty. Handcuff me. Throw me in jail. I am so guilty of still believing in love. Yes, the fairy-tale kind. Sue me. LOL. I believe because I have faith.

My faith reminds me that I have a Father who loves me more than anything in this universe; and His love is like no other (1 Corinthians 13:4). He's blessed me with a natural father who loves me more than any man in this world. It only makes sense that He's already sending the man that will love me like He desires for me to be loved in a marriage.

I just need to take out the guess work and trust Him. So yeah, I'm the blame for my current status. Like I said, this blog is a bit random; and a little all over the place. But guess what? It's MY blog! I can do that!! Hee hee.

Until next time, the solution to your problem resides within you. Take a look in the mirror sometimes...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A new challenge--totally unrelated to Korea!

So, very recently, I was introduced to a YouTube poster named Kimmaytube. I was advised to check out her hair practices and results. I am FLOORED. Not only has she shown the product of her hard work, she's totally backed up (or reneged on) her practices with research and proof! I must say, I am a sucker for practicality, logic, and research. I am the type of person who will argue a point against you--not because I care that much--but because what you are saying is unfounded and/or not "fool" proof.

So, in saying that, I've decided to follow in many of Kimmaytube's practices, in hopes that my hair responds just as favorably as hers. I have been natural (did the big chop) since August 2008. While my hair has grown tremendously from about 1/2 of an inch in 3 years, I am convinced that it can do more! I know how I've treated my hair (not too bad, but not excellent) and my splitting ends seem to be the most problem (as for many people), and the reason for not retaining length.

Although natural for 3 years, I have just recently gained an interest in natural "hair care." Anyway, I'm saying all of this to say; I am starting a hair challenge!!! My goal is to grow my hair 1 1/2 inches in 90 days. I'm not sure if  that's considered a high or low goal, but let's consider this: 1) It is rumored that the average person's hair grows about 1/2 an inch give or take a bit per month. 2) My history: Chopped my hair off to 1/2 an inch in 8/2008. If my hair would have retained its 1/2 an inch growth every month since then, it would be a little over 15 inches long by now (which it is not). So, taking these things into consideration, I think I've set a realistic, yet, adventurous goal.

Once I receive my products, and do my next wash, I will actually measure my hair and post pictures so you can follow me on this journey. I don't wanna be a hair mogul, just a mogul who has a successful hair story! LOL. (No, really!)

Anyway, all I can say is, LET'S GO! Until next time, set a personal challenge--what is it that you think you can achieve?

Friday, November 4, 2011

It's just too good to be true...

So, since I'm in writing mode already (I'll explain soon), I decided to take a break and blog! Not much going on this way, but teaching and chilling...

I just wanna give a shout out to God! Whew, He's kept me through a year in Korea!

I've gained some things, lost some things, but in the bigger picture, it was all part of His plan. <insert praise break here> ^^

BTW "^^" is the Korean equivalent of our smiley face. It is used just as commonly as our "LOL." But, that is NOT what I want to write about.

Let me tell you what's been going down in good ole' Korea!

1) School is still going great! I'm truly blessed to have not only 1--but 2 schools that I adore and mesh very well with.

2) I've started language exchange with a new acquaintance from school. We're both learning each others' languages, so it's perfect. And the company isn't bad either! ALSO, I've started taking a Korean language class. I'm really enjoying it; but I've been sketchy on attendance lately. Why? That brings me to number...

3) I'm entering a teaching competition! Lemme tell you all about it...

So, last Tuesday, my head co-teacher came to me in a frantic state. I thought something was wrong. Come to find out, she really wanted me to enter a teaching competition. I'm like, <look left, look right> are you sure? I mean, I enjoy what I do, but I'm not a certified teacher. She showed me all the requirements, and it looked pretty foreign, but because I like her a lot and don't want to disappoint the school, I did what any good Korean employee--I mean employee would do. I said "sure!"

So--real talk--I've been working on this competition package in most of my free time since that day. I've recorded a class period (nerve wrecking) and started editing...thinking I'm doing something! Ummm, nope! I just finished editing the video today with all the finishing touches. At 5 today, I started working on the written part...My Lord! It's gonna be a long night. But to top it all off...this submission is only for the first round of eliminations! If, by some miracle, I don't make it to the last round (yep, I'm that confident) then this work may all be in vain!

The great thing is, I'm really enjoying putting how I feel about teaching here onto paper. And, I thank God for definitely prepped me for this moment by writing 20 page "A" papers in a night or so. ^^

So all in all, I'm not sad that I accepted. I am sad for my night...because all I foresee is black and white for a while in the near future! *chuckle*

Until next time give whatever you're doing your all, you will enjoy it much more!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Brighten up my day why dontcha?

I just got off the phone with my father; wishing him a Happy Birthday from many miles away. It's amazing how that man has the ability to brighten my spirits just by hearing his voice! He's always so cheery and easy going; I pray I get to that point in my life; sooner rather than later.

It really just amazes me; so I decided to blog about it. That.Is.All.

Until next time, be the one who brightens someone's day!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Another bright idea...

Today, I pressed the snooze button twice! I was just plain dragging. It's getting colder and naturally I am going into hibernation mode. I went to bed at 10: 00 pm, so there's no excuse of not enough sleep. Then, I went outside to find that it is raining! Aha! That explains this sluggish feeling. So, I call my teacher to tell her that I will be a few minutes late; because I literally sat on the bed looking at the wall for an extra 10 mins--at nothing. I suspected I had no classes today, because it's mid-term time. Sure enough, I get to school and my co-teacher quickly says "Oh, so (with the arms crossed over each other) classes today; testing. "Oh, no problem." I reply; thinking in my mind--this definitely should have been a day off.

Oh well. I can't complain. I'm getting some things done that I needed to attend to, so it's all good.

So, when I am left alone to think; I always come up with bright ideas. Problem is, it's very rare that I ever act on them. <insert "however" motion here> I'm getting to the point in my life that I see and believe faith without works is dead. So, I've decided to try and do something drastic--different---dramatic! I won't let you in on it just yet, but just know...I'm going to try.

There's no reason for me to be confused in a world where there's so many opportunities. Yeah, the US economy is suffering right now--but that's the beauty of NOT having to be in the US. There are days I wish I had the 'American Dream;' a house, white picket fence, a husband that loves me, and at least one child. But as soon as that thought passes, an even more vivid picture comes to mind. Foreclosure--no fence--marital problems--a child I can't afford. Not saying that it has to be that extreme...but it could be--and I'm not taking that chance.

There's no sure way to ever be prepared for the unexpected. However, I'm looking forward to seeing how this "bright idea" pans out. If favorably, I will say this, my questions about my next step in life will be answered.

I'm actually excited about my upcoming weekend in the house. I need time to get this plan started. Until next time, find something extreme to do, even if on a small scale! Wear red panties under a white dress (yes, you can now wear winter white after Labor Day ^0^), shave your beard off after having it for 20 years, or if you wanna be REALLY dramatic, love others as you want them to love you. Yeah, I know--that's random. But love can get in "anywhere" in my life. :-)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sigh and SMH

Well, it's been over a year since I've been in Korea...and I must say; it has been well worth the ride. But now that the ride is over, should I get on again, or make my rounds of this amusement park i.e. "the rest of the world?"

I'm very undecided at this point. Part of me wants to go home, because I miss my people. But is missing my family and friends enough to go  back home to no job, or instability? I don't think so. Sometimes, you have to face the facts and make the hard choices to get ahead in life.

As I'm typing this, I'm crying on the inside...gone are the days where I can make easy decisions that have no "real" effect on my future. Here are the days of setting myself up to be where I want to be in life. I just had a birthday and along with age came wisdom.

So, please pray that I make the decision that will only enhance my future. That I'm in the right place at the right time. That I don't fall victim to the "I want" mentality once again, and follow the "I need to" instead.

Until next time, try hard to make decisions with every possible outcome in mind. "You're never too old to be what you might have been" ~George Eliott...I'm living proof of that.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Class is now in session...

Okay, it seems these posts are becoming fewer and further in between...but that's just evidence that I'm having way too much fun here!!

I can honestly say, staying here another year (with the same conditions) would be no sweat off my brow! I am however, looking forward to visiting home this coming winter for like a month or so...can't wait!

Anyhoo, recently, I've just restarted the Fall semester...the first couple of weeks there was plenty going on; classes cancelled, etc. In this third week of the month, after a long weekend due to the Chuseok (추석) holiday, class is fully back in session. Oh, BTW, I'm one of the few teachers that actually had to work on this seems most had the day off due to school birthdays or school holidays. Meh! Oh well, it is what it is. I didn't get the "Best Teacher Award," for complaining, ya know!?

Oh, I didn't tell you about that huh? Well there were 5 teachers of about 60 teachers selected by our hiring university as the best teachers. They took into consideration the reviews of our co-teachers. I was pleasantly suprised to be the one of the recipients of this award. I do work hard, but I have fun doing it, and kinda just feel like I'm doing "my job." Glad to see good work ethic is rewarded here...not only with a nice certificate, but with bonus money as well!! Asaaa! LOL.

Aside from that, not much has been going on, except personal development. I've quit a couple of habits that aren't good for me, I've started on my first work of art "Life, Love & Loss." I've embraced the answers within me and started to appreciate who I am, sans all the frills. I can't complain. Life.Is.Good.
Thank God for every day I'm here...I am truly blessed.

My birthday is coming up in 14 days...I'll be a whopping 29 years old. O.M.G. LOL. It's all good though! I plan to party like it's 1999...I'm actually quite undecided on just "how" to celebrate my birthday. I'll keep you posted of what I decide. Another big date coming soon: October 3rd=start of Grad School! Sigh...I will be a busy woman from here on out. A typical week will look like this MTWTFSaSun: BUSY. :-)

I realize though, I'll be busy accomplishing short-term goals for future success; I wouldn't have it any other way! I'll see you around soon.

Until next time, GET BUSY!! No one creates your destiny but you. Toodles!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation!!

So, I've been on vacation for the past 2 weeks, and I must say, THIS IS WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR by coming to Korea!

I mean, it's been gravy!! I went to Boracay, Philippines for 6 days 5 nights, and enjoyed myself, by myself!! Of course, I met some wonderful people who made my stay even more enjoyable, but for the most part, I was thrilled at being at my own every beck and call!

You can see pictures and commentary via this link: Boracay, Philippines

I won't go into many details, because most of my experience can be covered under these two words: rest & relaxation!

I will say though, I thought I would go there and eat up the entire island! However, I ended up enjoying many cuisines aside from Filipino food. I only ate twice a day at most, because I wasn't interested much in food when there's massages for the same price as a meal! LOL.

The most memorable experience was sitting outside jamming with these Filipino guys I met! Shout out to Johnnie and the crew! You made my trip!! Here's a video of what I experienced:

Also, the jeepney ride was something's just a motorbike with a cart and wheels attached to the side of it. It's used as the main form of transportation in Boracay. Here's this video:

Since I got back from Boracay, I've just rested, and enjoyed not having anything to do all day! I've visited family and friends, and just reflected on how nice this whole "teaching in Korea" experience has been after leaving my hagwon. Although I'd be finishing my year in a couple of weeks had I stayed at the hagwon, I dare say that it would have felt like waiting for your time to be released from prison.

With this new placement in the public school system, I've had the freedom to enjoy Korea and now surrounding countries. This is just the first of many countries I plan to tour before returning to the States (or not?). That's a whole nother blog. LOL

I started summer camp today, and the time flew past! 2 more weeks of half days, then it's the new semester...time to get back into teaching mode! Until next time, get your passports people! It's a whole new world out there awaiting you! :-)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Please Shine Down on Me!

So, as many of my FB and Twitter friends already know, I'm headed to the critically acclaimed Boracay, Philippines tomorrow! I'm so excited, I haven't been able to sleep in a few days...I'm guessing my first couple of days will really be a forced rest and relaxation! I plan on being a beach bum for most of my days there anyway!

There's only 2 things I'm not that excited about: 1-Having to go to the airport a day early because my flight leaves at 07:30 a.m.; 2- I'm going alone. The 2nd is really bittersweet, because while I know I'd enjoy the company of others, I am pleased to be able to consort with only myself on any activities.

The weather is beautiful here in South Korea, and I've just received word from the guesthouse I'm staying in that the weather is perfect there as well! (apparently the rainy seasons have departed...Asaaa!) I'll be off the grid for a few days at a time...this should be interesting; I'm used to having my internet and phone at my fingertips at all times.

Anyhoo, I'm not gonna bore you with more details...until I return! I should have plenty of pictures and stories to tell.

As I always say to people who claim 'my life is a movie,' well, my life is a book-with much more room for imagination and intrigue! Haha! I'm off to add more pages to this novel called "My Life." Wish me well, I'll post updates as soon as I can.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's raining, it's pouring....

So, it's been non-stop rain for the past like 5 days straight! I mean rain every 2 hours or so...or just raining for a straight 6 hours!

At least it's not cold and rainy, right!? LOL...gotta count your blessings.

Anyhoo, it's been a slow, but interesting past couple of months since my last post. Things are going very well with the new schools and contract, and I'm seriously considering another year in Korea after this contract is up. Hey, why not? I have great friends (few, but that's all you need), a great doggie (Joey) and a car that gets me from point A to B, with no troubles...My sister and niece are still here, and LIFE IS GOOD.

I'm slowly but surely reacquainting myself with Jesus and all the fullness of joy that He has for me...I mean really, this is what this journey was all about, and I'm very happy and satisfied...

On different notes, the Boryeong Mudfest 2011 is happening next weekend!! I'm excited, because I hear it's a lot of fun...trip may be cancelled if I'm not feeling better though. I have a mild, yet irritating, summer cold. You know the kind where your nose is stuffy but running...your head feels like it's about to explode...and your nose area has pressure??? Yep, that's how I feel. And now, as I type, I'm sweating like a pig. Granted, it's very humid today...but I don't normally sweat like this! Back to the point of getting better...I have Mudfest going on this weekend, and the following Friday, I'm flying out for Boracay, Philippines!!

WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! I am "super-uber" excited! I thought coming to S.K. was exciting, but this....THIS is me fulfilling my dreams! I can't wait to wake up to paradise...SN: Hope it's not raining...but even if it is, I'll be waking up in paradise! Can't wait to taste Filipino food, and get massages on the beach, and explore caves, and snorkel and etc, etc. I'm really gonna enjoy myself.

After all, I need to find a future spot for my honeymoon!! LOL. That was so left-field, but a woman can dream right...dreams do become reality, I'm living proof of that. I think I'll even take my notebook to hopefully get some inspiration for my upcoming novel.

Well, that's all I have for you day, I'll share with you my near "banged up/locked up" experience...but not today; I'm not ready to rehash that just yet...still too fresh. Until next time, remember, every action begins with a thought...choose to think positively, and your dreams WILL become reality. (at least that's what I believe) :-)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mini-Vacation...That's what's up!!

So, in the last week from 5/5-5/13, I've had a mini vacation! We've had 4 days off in that short period of time, as well as desk warming for much of the remaining days! I love it! The days off have been Children's Day, Buddha's Birthday, the "sandwich day" as my friend explained; is the day between a weekend and a holiday; no need to come to work, and Teacher's Day. I can't think of a better way to celebrate being a teacher than to be off of work! LOL.

During this time, I decided to try and see some South Korean culture...the rain zapped my energy some of the time, but I did manage to get out and see the Oeam Folk Village (just minutes from my apartment), and go to the The Independence Hall of Korea in Cheonan! I have some great pictures to show you!

Click here to view pictures. I hope you enjoy!

Not much to talk about today; until next time, <insert blank face here.> :-)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let's take it back....

So, it's Buddha's birthday, and the rain has come out to play. Which in turn, means my booty is staying in today!

It's been an eventful long weekend, so I can't even complain. I have so much to share with you, but I think I'll break it up into a couple of posts as to not overwhelm you. Let's backtrack to what's been going on in my world since we last spoke....

Since the beginning of April, my work load has lightened tremendously! I think that first month of working terribly hard to impress my co-teachers and students has paid off! Let's compare.


1) It took me long hours to plan 11 different lessons...I mean like every day I was at my computer until about 10ish going over lessons, planning, finding activities, etc. It was imperative to find out what my co-teachers liked/didn't like, and to find the balance of how we would co-teach. All of this is, of course, by trial and error, because we don't have time to sit down and plan together.

2) In the after school classes, students were mis-behaving (just to try me), and it seemed like no matter what I did--no matter how much I planned, it wasn't enough to keep the students' attention. SMH. This was a pretty frustrating period for me.

3) I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get in between schools on the designated days in time. Even with the bike I purchased, I had to take taxis on certain days...and the costs were adding up; not to mention the time it took me to transition.


1) I am planning 11 different lessons in a fourth of the time it took me before. I can actually leave my books at the school because my planning periods (desk warming hours) are enough time to finish everything and some! Practice makes perfect. I am leading the class 100% for most classes--some co-teachers even leave if they must; they trust that the students and I have a good rapport! This means so much to me! The students listen and respond well in most of my classes.

2) My afterschool classes have come full circle. One thing I learned in orientation and have heard several times since is, if you are not having fun teaching, the students are not having fun learning. I realized that the problem resided with me, not the students. I sat down and took some time to assess the levels of my different after-school classes. I realized that I had been trying to teach advanced lessons to a class that needs to learn the basics and teaching too simply for my class who needs more challenges. I made the adjustments, added in structure to all class, and voila! the perfect recipe for learning appeared!

3) I purchased a car! Yep, I did it! After going back and forth, I decided that a car would not only help me save time and money for those hectic days, but would give me the freedom to move about the country! It seemed like having a car was meant to be; no longer than 30 days after starting my new contract, a friend sold her car to me to buy a new car. It was in my price range, and came from a trusted buyer. Can't beat that. I even purchased an English language navigation system. OMG...having a car sure beats an hour on the bus. Still, I only drive on the days I must...I'm still on my bike 2 days of the week, and on the bus/subway 3 days a week. If I didn't do combination transportation, I'd probably be spending more on gas then on taxis....Take a look at my car! She's a peasant by some standards, but in my eyes she's a Queen!

<something happened to my pics; will repost soon>

The registration and title transfer was so easy and cheap to do. And getting my Korean license wasn't bad either. The only hassle was getting to the US Embassy in Seoul to get my US license notarized. UGH...that's a story for another day. Insurance is affordable and I'm on the road legitimately!                                                               

So, anyway. The moral of the story is...when there are problems, look within for the answers/solutions. I am having soooo much "more" fun since finding new and exciting ways to teach. I'm enjoying my new found freedom...and loving Korea so much more lately. Not to mention the weather has finally broken, and the warmth is spreading. Love is in the air...and it is coming from me! :-)

Until next time, continue to live, laugh, & love...but do it all a little harder!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ready for the weekend!'s been a month since I started at my two new schools...I am TOIRED! Yes, I did misspell tired...because that's how I feel!! Although this schedule is far better than my old one, there's still some things to be desired. But c'est la vie, right?

On another note, I'm trying to get my mud fest body right! Ya'll remember bike week in South Carolina?? Well, this is nothing like that! HA! Gotcha!! From what I've heard, it's a bunch of natives and foreigners alike hanging out at a beach with the main attraction being MUD! Wanna read about it?

Anywhoo, getting back to what I was saying...I'm on a mission to get an acceptable beach body in place by Mud Fest this year...if not sooner. So, I've enlisted the help of a friend...a bicycle!! Seeing as the elliptical that was gifted to me is not being used...I have to trick myself into another way to get exercise. Oh, I HATE exercise, when I know it's exercise. So, I rode the bike to the station today and also the mile or so distance from the subway to my school (that I usually walk). Talk about ACTION! I am soooo hurt, but it's a good feeling pain.I did find out however, that it's much easier to walk! LOL. I was huffing, puffing, and wheezing by the time I got to school...when normally, I just mildly perspire.

Hopefully, together with eating kimchi everyday, my metabolism will speed up, and the pounds will drop. We'll just have to see!!

I am glad I have the bike, but I hate how I acquired it. My good friend is leaving Korea 2 months earlier than planned...I'll really miss her! But in all bad things, there's a silver lining. She gets to be home where she's needed. And as for me; guess I get to make some new friends....

Until next time...kimchi & rice for breakfast!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Day to Remember Part 2

So, as I was saying...the morning was crazy but doable....So, after I finish with this school at 1:50 p.m., I am due to be at my next school's after-school program by 2:10...did I mention I work in the countryside of the city? There are no direct buses & no frequent taxis in sight. So, I call the taxi driver that gave me his card. Someone answers but hangs up in my face. I know my Korean sucks...but dang! LOL.

I call another taxi number, and the lady kept hanging up on me. I keep right on calling back until she decided to dumb down the conversation for me and listen. We ended up on the same page, and a taxi came shortly after that. Much to my dismay, I arrived to the after-school program 10 mins late on my first day!! <insert sad face here>

The administrators were very understanding, and shuffled me right in to work. The kids seemed to enjoy watching my short PowerPoint presentation introducing myself. They were just tickled pink to see pictures of my family and what not.

Phew! The clock struck 4:40 p.m. and my day was complete. 8 classes in one day! I'm tired, but feeling accomplished. I'm actually doing something that matters, and the kids aren't all burnt out by the time they get to me. Now, to find a way home!!! I was so ready to go, I packed my bags and walked my happy feet down the winding dirt road to the main street. Confused on the bus to get back home, I flagged a taxi, and luckily met some co-workers at the E-Mart up the street. We shared a taxi home. All I kept thinking to myself is...I have to do this ALL over again tomorrow.

SN: Tomorrow (Tuesday) came and went without much of a stitch. I got out early and caught the bus to my first school (avoided the entire taxi drama) and arrived early. I had caught sight of the bus number that ran past my school the previous day (Monday), and just set out for a morning adventure. It was pretty straight forward. It happened to be upper elementary and middle school testing day, so I had absolutely NO classes! That was grrrrreeeeeat! I had the entire day to plan really cool lessons for my after-school kids.

Back to our regularly scheduled program: I am enjoying myself so far. It's too early for an opinion, but in the here and now, I like it! Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I don't work past 2, so I have time to plan, plan, plan, and plan! AND to top it all off, my after-school program does count as overtime!! Woo-hooo! "Mo money, Mo money!" This goes along just great for my savings plan while in Korea. Look at my Kesha and Layla voice "MIGHTY GOD!" Yeah, I'm not perfect, but I know from whom my blessings flow!

One thing I can say with certainty is this: I couldn't leap over hurdles in high school track, but in life's hurdles, it seems my jumps are getting stronger, higher, and more coordinated with every try. And with Grace & Mercy on my sides, I am invincible!

Until next time, try Gimchi (Kimchi) cooked; you might just enjoy it!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Day to Remember....SMH

So, today was my first day at the new schools. And what a day it was!! I think I handled it beautifully, but it was a rush rush, no time to breathe kind of day.

It started early, for one. LOL. And those of you who know me, know I'm not a morning person. Setting that aside, I put on my game face, and was ready by 7:45 am! 3 friends and I caught a taxi to the Sinchang Station to take the 8:02 subway to Onyang-Oncheon. We arrived at roughly 8:08, and went our separate ways.

I-thinking my Korean was pretty good-told the driver to go to Onyang  초등학교 /chodeunghaggyo/ which is how I was taught by my Korean co-teachers to say elementary school. So, we go around the block from where I used to live, and he tries to drop me off. So, I'm like, no ajeossi, Onyang blah blah blah...he's like, OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH, and starts driving again. He then arrives to Onyang-Oncheon Primary School...which is obviously not my school either. But he tells me to get out. The only good thing is that he was nice enough not to charge me the full fee because he took me to the wrong place (most taxi drivers don't care). 

I call my co-teacher and have her talk to him before he stops. Apparently that didn't help, because he still dropped me off at the wrong school!! Anyway, so I call her back, and let her know what's going on. I catch another taxi and he takes me to the right place. He obviously sees the frustration on my face, because he begins to explain that I must say /kunyang/ before the school so that they know which school to go to! Thank Goodness!! Now, I know! LOL. Since I got out pretty early, I was still on time for classes...although a little flustered.

That was just the beginning of my day...stay tuned for Part II of a day to remember. I'm tired, and must be up at the crack of dawn again tomorrow...7-8 hours should keep the grouch away; I do not want her rearing her ugly head so soon!! LOL.

Until next time...breathe...things will get easier!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The time has come...

So, it's finally that time! I am out with the old and in with the new! My current contract ends on tomorrow at 6:50 p.m. I'm cancelling it early at 6 months, if you haven't heard. Seems as if everything is going smoothly...except for the fact that a mysterious problem with the bank occurred on my last payday (this past Friday), and we are not getting paid until Monday...but whatever...I know what to do if any stunts are pulled. Nothing they can do to bring me down at this point!! Plus, I have my "friends" on speed dial if/when I need them!

S/N: Be praying for a solution to a major dilemma of my coworker's...the things going on 'just ain't right!' While I'm rejoicing, this person is still struggling for freedom from bondage.

I've already completely finished moving from my old apartment with some help from my special friend...yeah, that's right, I have a guy friend! I am in a relationship after a long while of "singledom" and it feels nice. Funny, how time and experience changes how you view things. I'm much more prone now to being content with the simple things, like: the way he makes me laugh when I'm angry (for no good reason); his lightheartedness; his energy, and compassion. Anywho, that's a side note...this post isn't about him! LOL.

Getting back to the subject at hand-I am pretty much free and clear of the past situation after this last day of working. I'll miss my children immensely, but even their smiles won't keep me in a somewhat depressing situation. I think I may be teaching at an elementary school that many of them attend, and I know for a fact I'll be in the same I'm sure I'll see them around. So many of them gave me their cell phone numbers when I told them I'm leaving this past Friday. Sigh...if only I could take them with me...even the one who lost his mind and hit me! He has regained his sense after being "dealt with" by teacher. LOL.

So, pictures of the new place are coming soon...I expect to have new stories to share with you; of work, and vacation time! Soooo very excited about the 9 weeks of paid vacation included in my contract. I expect to get a visit home soon. Next week, here I come, with bells and whistles on!!

Those who know a word of prayer, pray my strength in the Lord! (Full Gospel Baptist Church..haha).

Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's the final stretch!!

So, I have less than 30 days before transferring to another school and starting a new contract. The "itis" has set in. For you that don't know what the itis is, it's kinda like "Senioritis," when it's your last year in high school or college, and you just get tired of the same ole same ole. You get tired of going to classes, you get tired of're just ready for it all to be over!

So, that's how I'm feeling now. I am going through the motions, and of course, I'm still teaching with the same enthusiasm (because I love the kids), but seeing the hagwon building just does something to my mood. LOL. I feel like I'm walking into a twilight zone when I'm there.

I literally speak, go into my classroom, put in my earphones, and prepare for my classes. When I'm done with that, I knit and think. SN: I love that I've learned how to knit, it is really soothing and allows me to think and create masterpieces (haha) with my hands! What do I think about? Just life as I know it, and about the life I wish to have. I do not "not" like Korea. I actually like it, when I am not forced to like Corean customs. Let me make myself clearer...

I like when I teach, with my own style, and the kids are responsive and learn. I do not like being forced to adhere to a very strict and boring curriculum. So, this semester, I've learned how to integrate fun, games, and my learning style, into the "strict boring curriculum," to make it less boring. Leaves little wiggle room, but I had to make it work for my sanity!

Also, I like conversing with Koreans. I do not like being made to feel as if I "have" to have a Korean friend, or I'm not really having a S. Korean experience. There are way to many social differences between westerners and the easterners I've met. If I met a Korean friend that wasn't just my friend when there are activities to do, I might feel differently. But, so far, it's mostly like; hey Delijah, wanna go out; or wanna go to dinner? Let's talk like we're friends! But when nothing is going on, I don't hear from them. And to be fair, they don't hear from me either.

In another respect, I have a Korean acquaintance that snubbed my calls for a month. Then, when I saw her, she was all like, "Delijah! I've missed you. I'm going to America in a month! We should do lunch!!" So, naturally, I'm like, ok. I wanted to share something with her, so I said...I'll email you. A day later I get a text message saying "I'm still waiting on your email." LOL. Um, I almost felt like when a guy you don't like starts reminding you to call him. LOL. I figure she just wants to practice her English with me at dinner anyway.  Sometimes, that's ok, but if I can't practice my Korean, then it's a one way street...Oh, that's the Korean way, I forget.

There was an incident at work today that just reminded me that if you're not useful to S. Korea in some way or another, you will definitely not be here; and even if you are useful in someway here, you still get treated like crap, just the solid crap, not the runny crap! LOL.

Do I sound bitter? I prefer to call it realistic. If it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it's usually a duck. Anyway, I'm still holding on to my more positive experiences here in Korea, and looking forward to making more memories that I will smile about!

Going to Daegu this weekend for the first time; should be interesting. Then, I'm heading to a DMZ tour on next weekend. Ahhhhh, Lunar New Year is next week! 3 work days to go and I have 5 days off!! ASAAAA!!

Until next time, eat, pray and love! :-)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hmmmm, Need to think this through...

All I can say is....Happy New Year! Thanks to everyone who've been following my blog, offering words of advice and encouragement, and praying for me!

I now have less than 60 days at my current school, and I'm seriously debating on whether to stay in March, or go home. 

I know I seem wishy washy, but that's just me considering every angle! 

I woke up this morning and groaned! Yep, groaned! Yes, I just had a week off for vacation, so that has some to do with it, but a question just kept going through my mind...Can you do this for another year and 2 months? Do you really wanna be doing this??

So, I need to find a quiet place and answer the question. I've been around a bunch of people (all the time) lately, and while that has brought me the happiness I wanted, now, I need to find peace in my own decisions, and that isn't derived from a bunch of people. Just me, myself, and I (and God) need to talk; converse; have a round table. <chuckle>

So, I'll be away from the net for a couple of weeks. I'll give myself however long it takes, but a change has gotta come if I'm gonna stay here!

I'll update you soon! Until next time, Love be thy roses!