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Monday, August 8, 2011

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation!!

So, I've been on vacation for the past 2 weeks, and I must say, THIS IS WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR by coming to Korea!

I mean, it's been gravy!! I went to Boracay, Philippines for 6 days 5 nights, and enjoyed myself, by myself!! Of course, I met some wonderful people who made my stay even more enjoyable, but for the most part, I was thrilled at being at my own every beck and call!

You can see pictures and commentary via this link: Boracay, Philippines

I won't go into many details, because most of my experience can be covered under these two words: rest & relaxation!

I will say though, I thought I would go there and eat up the entire island! However, I ended up enjoying many cuisines aside from Filipino food. I only ate twice a day at most, because I wasn't interested much in food when there's massages for the same price as a meal! LOL.

The most memorable experience was sitting outside jamming with these Filipino guys I met! Shout out to Johnnie and the crew! You made my trip!! Here's a video of what I experienced:

Also, the jeepney ride was something's just a motorbike with a cart and wheels attached to the side of it. It's used as the main form of transportation in Boracay. Here's this video:

Since I got back from Boracay, I've just rested, and enjoyed not having anything to do all day! I've visited family and friends, and just reflected on how nice this whole "teaching in Korea" experience has been after leaving my hagwon. Although I'd be finishing my year in a couple of weeks had I stayed at the hagwon, I dare say that it would have felt like waiting for your time to be released from prison.

With this new placement in the public school system, I've had the freedom to enjoy Korea and now surrounding countries. This is just the first of many countries I plan to tour before returning to the States (or not?). That's a whole nother blog. LOL

I started summer camp today, and the time flew past! 2 more weeks of half days, then it's the new semester...time to get back into teaching mode! Until next time, get your passports people! It's a whole new world out there awaiting you! :-)


  1. Hello!!! This is Fallon ^^ (fellow Guest English teacher)

    First off, I love your blog! Keep writing. Secondly, I am planning a trip to possibly the Philippines, so seeing this post was a reminder that I need to get on that and enjoy myself.




  2. Hi Fallon! Thanks for the encouragement. I want to get back to Boracay before I leave, but maybe that's not possible. :-( Have fun, where ever you decide to go!