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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Please Shine Down on Me!

So, as many of my FB and Twitter friends already know, I'm headed to the critically acclaimed Boracay, Philippines tomorrow! I'm so excited, I haven't been able to sleep in a few days...I'm guessing my first couple of days will really be a forced rest and relaxation! I plan on being a beach bum for most of my days there anyway!

There's only 2 things I'm not that excited about: 1-Having to go to the airport a day early because my flight leaves at 07:30 a.m.; 2- I'm going alone. The 2nd is really bittersweet, because while I know I'd enjoy the company of others, I am pleased to be able to consort with only myself on any activities.

The weather is beautiful here in South Korea, and I've just received word from the guesthouse I'm staying in that the weather is perfect there as well! (apparently the rainy seasons have departed...Asaaa!) I'll be off the grid for a few days at a time...this should be interesting; I'm used to having my internet and phone at my fingertips at all times.

Anyhoo, I'm not gonna bore you with more details...until I return! I should have plenty of pictures and stories to tell.

As I always say to people who claim 'my life is a movie,' well, my life is a book-with much more room for imagination and intrigue! Haha! I'm off to add more pages to this novel called "My Life." Wish me well, I'll post updates as soon as I can.

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