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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Day to Remember Part 2

So, as I was saying...the morning was crazy but doable....So, after I finish with this school at 1:50 p.m., I am due to be at my next school's after-school program by 2:10...did I mention I work in the countryside of the city? There are no direct buses & no frequent taxis in sight. So, I call the taxi driver that gave me his card. Someone answers but hangs up in my face. I know my Korean sucks...but dang! LOL.

I call another taxi number, and the lady kept hanging up on me. I keep right on calling back until she decided to dumb down the conversation for me and listen. We ended up on the same page, and a taxi came shortly after that. Much to my dismay, I arrived to the after-school program 10 mins late on my first day!! <insert sad face here>

The administrators were very understanding, and shuffled me right in to work. The kids seemed to enjoy watching my short PowerPoint presentation introducing myself. They were just tickled pink to see pictures of my family and what not.

Phew! The clock struck 4:40 p.m. and my day was complete. 8 classes in one day! I'm tired, but feeling accomplished. I'm actually doing something that matters, and the kids aren't all burnt out by the time they get to me. Now, to find a way home!!! I was so ready to go, I packed my bags and walked my happy feet down the winding dirt road to the main street. Confused on the bus to get back home, I flagged a taxi, and luckily met some co-workers at the E-Mart up the street. We shared a taxi home. All I kept thinking to myself is...I have to do this ALL over again tomorrow.

SN: Tomorrow (Tuesday) came and went without much of a stitch. I got out early and caught the bus to my first school (avoided the entire taxi drama) and arrived early. I had caught sight of the bus number that ran past my school the previous day (Monday), and just set out for a morning adventure. It was pretty straight forward. It happened to be upper elementary and middle school testing day, so I had absolutely NO classes! That was grrrrreeeeeat! I had the entire day to plan really cool lessons for my after-school kids.

Back to our regularly scheduled program: I am enjoying myself so far. It's too early for an opinion, but in the here and now, I like it! Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I don't work past 2, so I have time to plan, plan, plan, and plan! AND to top it all off, my after-school program does count as overtime!! Woo-hooo! "Mo money, Mo money!" This goes along just great for my savings plan while in Korea. Look at my Kesha and Layla voice "MIGHTY GOD!" Yeah, I'm not perfect, but I know from whom my blessings flow!

One thing I can say with certainty is this: I couldn't leap over hurdles in high school track, but in life's hurdles, it seems my jumps are getting stronger, higher, and more coordinated with every try. And with Grace & Mercy on my sides, I am invincible!

Until next time, try Gimchi (Kimchi) cooked; you might just enjoy it!!

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