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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ready for the weekend!'s been a month since I started at my two new schools...I am TOIRED! Yes, I did misspell tired...because that's how I feel!! Although this schedule is far better than my old one, there's still some things to be desired. But c'est la vie, right?

On another note, I'm trying to get my mud fest body right! Ya'll remember bike week in South Carolina?? Well, this is nothing like that! HA! Gotcha!! From what I've heard, it's a bunch of natives and foreigners alike hanging out at a beach with the main attraction being MUD! Wanna read about it?

Anywhoo, getting back to what I was saying...I'm on a mission to get an acceptable beach body in place by Mud Fest this year...if not sooner. So, I've enlisted the help of a friend...a bicycle!! Seeing as the elliptical that was gifted to me is not being used...I have to trick myself into another way to get exercise. Oh, I HATE exercise, when I know it's exercise. So, I rode the bike to the station today and also the mile or so distance from the subway to my school (that I usually walk). Talk about ACTION! I am soooo hurt, but it's a good feeling pain.I did find out however, that it's much easier to walk! LOL. I was huffing, puffing, and wheezing by the time I got to school...when normally, I just mildly perspire.

Hopefully, together with eating kimchi everyday, my metabolism will speed up, and the pounds will drop. We'll just have to see!!

I am glad I have the bike, but I hate how I acquired it. My good friend is leaving Korea 2 months earlier than planned...I'll really miss her! But in all bad things, there's a silver lining. She gets to be home where she's needed. And as for me; guess I get to make some new friends....

Until next time...kimchi & rice for breakfast!!!

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