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Friday, October 14, 2011

Another bright idea...

Today, I pressed the snooze button twice! I was just plain dragging. It's getting colder and naturally I am going into hibernation mode. I went to bed at 10: 00 pm, so there's no excuse of not enough sleep. Then, I went outside to find that it is raining! Aha! That explains this sluggish feeling. So, I call my teacher to tell her that I will be a few minutes late; because I literally sat on the bed looking at the wall for an extra 10 mins--at nothing. I suspected I had no classes today, because it's mid-term time. Sure enough, I get to school and my co-teacher quickly says "Oh, so (with the arms crossed over each other) classes today; testing. "Oh, no problem." I reply; thinking in my mind--this definitely should have been a day off.

Oh well. I can't complain. I'm getting some things done that I needed to attend to, so it's all good.

So, when I am left alone to think; I always come up with bright ideas. Problem is, it's very rare that I ever act on them. <insert "however" motion here> I'm getting to the point in my life that I see and believe faith without works is dead. So, I've decided to try and do something drastic--different---dramatic! I won't let you in on it just yet, but just know...I'm going to try.

There's no reason for me to be confused in a world where there's so many opportunities. Yeah, the US economy is suffering right now--but that's the beauty of NOT having to be in the US. There are days I wish I had the 'American Dream;' a house, white picket fence, a husband that loves me, and at least one child. But as soon as that thought passes, an even more vivid picture comes to mind. Foreclosure--no fence--marital problems--a child I can't afford. Not saying that it has to be that extreme...but it could be--and I'm not taking that chance.

There's no sure way to ever be prepared for the unexpected. However, I'm looking forward to seeing how this "bright idea" pans out. If favorably, I will say this, my questions about my next step in life will be answered.

I'm actually excited about my upcoming weekend in the house. I need time to get this plan started. Until next time, find something extreme to do, even if on a small scale! Wear red panties under a white dress (yes, you can now wear winter white after Labor Day ^0^), shave your beard off after having it for 20 years, or if you wanna be REALLY dramatic, love others as you want them to love you. Yeah, I know--that's random. But love can get in "anywhere" in my life. :-)


  1. Terence RichardsonOctober 14, 2011 at 1:53 PM

    Hey Delijah it's late here but I just wanted to comment on this one. Because it seems you are falling into a slump about things. You are a literal daughter of Zion why worry about the US economy. The greatest kingdoms of men must and will fall in order for Kingdom Of The Most High to be ushered in! The American Dream was never ours to begin with! My Dream is Jerusalem! Because that is the mother of us all. That is where our forefathers dwelt and ruled as kings. Before our self induced captivity. I will tell you the truth in this matter I have dreamed of that wonderful city. And what I saw in that dream delighted my heart and soul. I was walking on the southern borders in a grove of vines with a beautiful queen beside me.And there was peace within both of our hearts. Don't look at the glass as half empty sweetheart. I feel that you deserve a husband that loves you. Just like I am in need of a Wife that loves me. This is not a strange thing for a man to cover a woman in love and protection. I find myself at times thinking about my married friends and how wonderful it is to be in such a state. And I know I would GLADLY TAKE ON ANY MARITAL PROBLEMS. Because That The Most High built me to endure hardship. But it can be overwhelming at times when you don't not have a helpmeet. Growing as a person I have learned the hard way that money does not raise children. LOVE DOES. I WILL BE DAMNED IF I BRING ANY IN THIS WORLD WITHOUT IT! Even 10K miles away I feel what you are going through and I know it is rough. But you have strength in you. Be alone is a good thing But being lonely is a dangerous thing. One thing is for sure Delijah something is drawing you to me. And I pray that it is something good. Some days it is tough knowing the future. But out of the mouths of babes. A Small child told me something that was very significant. She told me I had 2 girls. And then a few months later I have dreamed I was holding my son protecting from certain dangers of the world! Even so being in the low degree I am in. I rejoiced because I know the Names of my 3 little ones that will be given to me! And that is enough for me to fight for the Kingdom to go out and teach my other brothers and sisters In The House of Jacob(who is also Israel). Why worry and fret about marital problems? When we can ultimately work those out? Because when you know the order everything is simplified. Please don't take it as a overbearing statment when I say this. But comeback to NC and hangout with me for a little while. And let's search for things together. But it's late now And I need my rest. Once again I hope that my words bring you comfort in this storm of life. Have Good One sweetheart.

  2. I understand what you're saying; thanks always for your insight. However I was merely saying that there are options for me! Yes I am a child of the Most High...and in that respect I shouldn't worry. But the Bible also teaches us to be wise...that's all I'm trying to be. I'm trying to fulfill my destiny--and not fall into the slump of only considering few options. I'm on the right path...Thanks for your continued prayers and support! And if my destiny leads me back to NC; I'll come hang out! :-)