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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The time has come...

So, it's finally that time! I am out with the old and in with the new! My current contract ends on tomorrow at 6:50 p.m. I'm cancelling it early at 6 months, if you haven't heard. Seems as if everything is going smoothly...except for the fact that a mysterious problem with the bank occurred on my last payday (this past Friday), and we are not getting paid until Monday...but whatever...I know what to do if any stunts are pulled. Nothing they can do to bring me down at this point!! Plus, I have my "friends" on speed dial if/when I need them!

S/N: Be praying for a solution to a major dilemma of my coworker's...the things going on 'just ain't right!' While I'm rejoicing, this person is still struggling for freedom from bondage.

I've already completely finished moving from my old apartment with some help from my special friend...yeah, that's right, I have a guy friend! I am in a relationship after a long while of "singledom" and it feels nice. Funny, how time and experience changes how you view things. I'm much more prone now to being content with the simple things, like: the way he makes me laugh when I'm angry (for no good reason); his lightheartedness; his energy, and compassion. Anywho, that's a side note...this post isn't about him! LOL.

Getting back to the subject at hand-I am pretty much free and clear of the past situation after this last day of working. I'll miss my children immensely, but even their smiles won't keep me in a somewhat depressing situation. I think I may be teaching at an elementary school that many of them attend, and I know for a fact I'll be in the same I'm sure I'll see them around. So many of them gave me their cell phone numbers when I told them I'm leaving this past Friday. Sigh...if only I could take them with me...even the one who lost his mind and hit me! He has regained his sense after being "dealt with" by teacher. LOL.

So, pictures of the new place are coming soon...I expect to have new stories to share with you; of work, and vacation time! Soooo very excited about the 9 weeks of paid vacation included in my contract. I expect to get a visit home soon. Next week, here I come, with bells and whistles on!!

Those who know a word of prayer, pray my strength in the Lord! (Full Gospel Baptist Church..haha).

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