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Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's the final stretch!!

So, I have less than 30 days before transferring to another school and starting a new contract. The "itis" has set in. For you that don't know what the itis is, it's kinda like "Senioritis," when it's your last year in high school or college, and you just get tired of the same ole same ole. You get tired of going to classes, you get tired of're just ready for it all to be over!

So, that's how I'm feeling now. I am going through the motions, and of course, I'm still teaching with the same enthusiasm (because I love the kids), but seeing the hagwon building just does something to my mood. LOL. I feel like I'm walking into a twilight zone when I'm there.

I literally speak, go into my classroom, put in my earphones, and prepare for my classes. When I'm done with that, I knit and think. SN: I love that I've learned how to knit, it is really soothing and allows me to think and create masterpieces (haha) with my hands! What do I think about? Just life as I know it, and about the life I wish to have. I do not "not" like Korea. I actually like it, when I am not forced to like Corean customs. Let me make myself clearer...

I like when I teach, with my own style, and the kids are responsive and learn. I do not like being forced to adhere to a very strict and boring curriculum. So, this semester, I've learned how to integrate fun, games, and my learning style, into the "strict boring curriculum," to make it less boring. Leaves little wiggle room, but I had to make it work for my sanity!

Also, I like conversing with Koreans. I do not like being made to feel as if I "have" to have a Korean friend, or I'm not really having a S. Korean experience. There are way to many social differences between westerners and the easterners I've met. If I met a Korean friend that wasn't just my friend when there are activities to do, I might feel differently. But, so far, it's mostly like; hey Delijah, wanna go out; or wanna go to dinner? Let's talk like we're friends! But when nothing is going on, I don't hear from them. And to be fair, they don't hear from me either.

In another respect, I have a Korean acquaintance that snubbed my calls for a month. Then, when I saw her, she was all like, "Delijah! I've missed you. I'm going to America in a month! We should do lunch!!" So, naturally, I'm like, ok. I wanted to share something with her, so I said...I'll email you. A day later I get a text message saying "I'm still waiting on your email." LOL. Um, I almost felt like when a guy you don't like starts reminding you to call him. LOL. I figure she just wants to practice her English with me at dinner anyway.  Sometimes, that's ok, but if I can't practice my Korean, then it's a one way street...Oh, that's the Korean way, I forget.

There was an incident at work today that just reminded me that if you're not useful to S. Korea in some way or another, you will definitely not be here; and even if you are useful in someway here, you still get treated like crap, just the solid crap, not the runny crap! LOL.

Do I sound bitter? I prefer to call it realistic. If it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it's usually a duck. Anyway, I'm still holding on to my more positive experiences here in Korea, and looking forward to making more memories that I will smile about!

Going to Daegu this weekend for the first time; should be interesting. Then, I'm heading to a DMZ tour on next weekend. Ahhhhh, Lunar New Year is next week! 3 work days to go and I have 5 days off!! ASAAAA!!

Until next time, eat, pray and love! :-)

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