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Monday, January 3, 2011

Hmmmm, Need to think this through...

All I can say is....Happy New Year! Thanks to everyone who've been following my blog, offering words of advice and encouragement, and praying for me!

I now have less than 60 days at my current school, and I'm seriously debating on whether to stay in March, or go home. 

I know I seem wishy washy, but that's just me considering every angle! 

I woke up this morning and groaned! Yep, groaned! Yes, I just had a week off for vacation, so that has some to do with it, but a question just kept going through my mind...Can you do this for another year and 2 months? Do you really wanna be doing this??

So, I need to find a quiet place and answer the question. I've been around a bunch of people (all the time) lately, and while that has brought me the happiness I wanted, now, I need to find peace in my own decisions, and that isn't derived from a bunch of people. Just me, myself, and I (and God) need to talk; converse; have a round table. <chuckle>

So, I'll be away from the net for a couple of weeks. I'll give myself however long it takes, but a change has gotta come if I'm gonna stay here!

I'll update you soon! Until next time, Love be thy roses!

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