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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Locs that almost were...

Alright, well....many of you didn't know that 3 weeks ago, I decided to begin a journey of dred locking my hair! Well, that thought has since passed, and I've decided, I don't want to do it. LOL.

I started the 2-strand twists 3 weeks ago, and my good friend gave me all the advice she could...she even said "Maybe you're not ready to lock your hair..." for various reasons. At the time, I was contemplating covering my starter locs with a wig...

Fast forward to 3 weeks later. I am SO tired of looking at these 2-strand twists, and I miss my fro!! So, for entirely different reasons than going through the ugly stage, I have decided to untwist my hair, and recapture my fro!

I miss the versatility of my hair. Although locs are SO beautiful, I really am not at a point where I'm through exploring my hair in it's natural fro state. I want to be able to straighten it...get a sew in; things like that. And I realize now, that with locs, I would be able to have some beautiful styles, but not the above. :-( Ho hum...back to my fro journey. :-)

Enjoy the pics of the locs that "almost were." (or not)

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  1. Delijah i completely understand. Just yesterday i twitsed my hair thinking i wonder how i would look with locs. After i was done twisting, i realized i like to change up my style every couple days or weeks. Some times i like the fro, other days a ponytail, days like today, my twist. And when im being lazy, i go to my faithful wigs. So i completely feel you. Nice to know im not the only one :)