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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting cool.....

Well, the weekend before my birthday my sister and her friend took me out! We had a great time in Osan--no pics to share. LOL. However, the day of my birthday (that following Tuesday) I was like very depressed! Wow, I had to shake myself a couple of times, and recognize that I am so blessed to see another birthday--I needed to denounce those feelings.

So I did, after a good long cry. LOL. So emotional. I'm actually right at the 30 day mark of being here, and I miss my friends, my family--my life. I truly just miss the normalcy of everything back in the US. Okay, so once I got over that feeling, and got it all out, I felt much better. I embraced my 28th birthday, and made a resolution that it's no looking back from here!

I'm going all the way--through my 1 year contract, that is. :-) I am even considering another year...if the conditions are right, and if my year here doesn't get much worse.

Some days, like today, I just want to push over every Korean I see!! I almost got hit by a car, and the driver looked at me as if she really didn't care!! It took God not to say what I wanted to say to her and every other Korean within earshot. So then, I walk down the street some more--and hey, whatdya know...a Korean family pretty much takes up the whole sidewalk with no regard that I need to walk past them. So when their freaking little kid almost runs into me, of course, nothing is said. I'm just looked at as if I have an elephant trunk in the middle of my face!

So, I'm ranting. But I truly think that today is just one of those days...It takes a lot of praying and self-reflection to make it through the week. Then when the weekend gets here, you feel as if everything you stressed about, isn't all that bad at all! LOL.

So, this Friday, may be "bad movie night" with a bunch of the Foreign teachers. "Bad movie night" is pretty much what it says; we all cram into one small apartment and watch a couple of badly made movies for entertainment. LOL. This will be my first time, if it comes through. Also got some other things lined up for the weekend; so I believe I'll have a good time.

Until next time, Here's to Peace, Love, and Sanity!!

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