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Monday, September 6, 2010

Reality has set in...

Today, I crashed my budget and bought me a 10,000 won plant. I figured it'd be easier to maintain than a pet. I cried inside today, for many reasons. One, I miss home. Two, I am one of the bridges between South Korean kids and the world. Many of them will never see another country. Many of them have never met an American outside of their hagwons (private institutions), and I am probably the first Black American any of them has ever seen. Anyway...getting back to my plant. I bought it as symbolism, and company. I realize that sometimes, I'll need something to look to for hope, and symbolism of my current growth. The plant is a vine; one of the easiest plants to grow, however it still requires some caring for. As it grows, I will grow. And as it gets longer, I pray my patience does as well.

This will be a long year. I know that it will get easier as the days go on...mostly with my last class. I actually have to put effort into teaching them. The korean children get worse as they get older with listening in class, instead of doing their own thing. So, my last class of ages 14-15 is terribly hard. They don't understand in congruence with the level they are put in, so that makes it even harder to teach the lessons. The lessons are not difficult to me, but getting the points across to them are. It doesn't help that half of the class is spent going over the same thing, since many of the students show up late...sometimes halfway through class. 1/4 of the time is spent telling them to speak Korean and to be quiet and listen. Finally 1/4 is spent on actually teaching the lesson. 50 mins goes by quickly...any longer, and I AND the students would lose our cool. LOL. But it is hardly enough time to teach what needs to be learned.

Hmmm, I am praying for a solution. Help me please; pray for me! Here's my plant...her name is Eun Ae (pronounced ooon EH), meaning Grace and Love.


  1. Find out why some are late - then you can use what they do in your lesson - for instance if they are working in the fields - then connect with teaching the english words to the items that are growing and the process - this is almost like trying to teach children here - you have to learn how to teach according to the environment that they are in constantly. i pray that this helps.

  2. Awwwww Deli! I am definitely praying for you! Think in the Holy Ghost girl. He will give you practical strategies and solutions for EVERYTHING! Always remember that you were granted this opportunity for a reason, so everything you need to complete the task is ALREADY IN YOU! I Love your plant Eun Ae! How cute!

    Email me your address over there (my email is

  3. Sup D! I didn't know that you were embarking on such a journey! I am proud of you. Stay strong, faint not, and don't get weary because you are gonna get a couple crowns for your work. Be easy.



  4. p.s. love your plant - it reminds me of my plant i bought when station in alaska. i watched it grow as well.

  5. Thank you ALL for your encouraging words and support. I feel better already....