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Monday, September 13, 2010

I feel seasons everywhere...

Wow, don't know when it hit me, but it did! I'm in a totally freaking unfamiliar place in life...not just by physical location. I feel my mind opening up even more...exploring new possibilities in my dreams, ready to reach new heights spiritually, emotionally, physically.

My classes went great today...okay, lemme back up and tell the story. Well, my last class of the day, Junior High students (SIGH) have been giving me a very rough time. Well, at our end of the week meeting, I told the director about it. He's also a pastor. Well today, he popped up on us! He spoke with the children in their native tongue, and doggonit, were they not little angels for the rest of the day!?? LOL. I truly hope this behavior continues. With classes like these all day, I can definitely do this for a year, or more. I guess the bottom line is to establish who's in charge, and don't get frustrated. I had been letting them get to me, I'll admit...but they didn't know. I guess showing them that I meant business, by telling the higher up got their attention. I'm praying this lasts longer than a week! LOL.

Oh, good news though, we have vacation coming up next week. This is like the Korean version of Thanksgiving. It's called the Full Harvest Moon festival or Chuseok. It's the 21st-23rd of September. We might end up getting the whole week off. That'd be great!! Gonna try and decide where I'm going now...even though, I'm told it is crazy to travel on these days, because everyone else is traveling as well. Makes sense. I will probably just explore the local places...Take more pics for you guys and all.

Well, until next time, keep me in your prayers, and I'll do the same. Enjoy the pics. Click Here to See Recent Pictures

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