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Friday, December 3, 2010

90 days left and counting....

Yep, you read right! I now have 90 days left at my current school. I haven't decided yet whether I will take another position elsewhere...a lot to consider. But let me fill you in on the recent events (as of today... especially for those keeping up with my journey).

I finally had a meeting with the owner of my hagwon. He is also a pastor. I asked him to explain to me about why money was missing from my salary.

Long story short, he was very belligerent. he said the money had been taken for pension....except, he didn't enroll me in pension. He went into detail about how he was very "appalled" that I had contacted the National Pension Scheme to inquire about pension. He stated that "no one has ever had pension at this school. And if I, the CEO, Boss, doesn't even have pension, why would you?" Wow....can you say, I learned that I have self control today!???

I calmly asked him just to see what he would say, "Well is that required, or is it an option?" He replied: "It's legally required, but right now, they're not enforcing it. That's why I was so surprised to see the letter about you wanting to be enrolled. We have never paid pension, and to do so now, would mean we have to rewrite your contract. I'd be very upset if we have to pay pension. We are not a school worried about profit, and right now, we're in a deficit. It would be such a burden to have to pay pension; It'd be more than we planned to pay...That's why we wanted to hire Christians, so that they would be mission-minded and not worry about the pay."

My mind said "Errr????" LMBO! Didn't know you wanted Christians so you could screw them over!??? Also, there was an insurance issue...actually the fact that they would not enroll me in the National Insurance, that we discussed. He adamantly stated that it was not "the company's" job to enroll me in insurance, but mine. "Err???" My mind went again. So, I explained to him how the NHIC said that it was, in fact, his legal responsibility to provide me with NHIC. Of course, he said...well, then that means we'd have to pay you pension as well, and we're not prepared to do that. We'd have to rewrite your contract. No other teacher has asked for insurance, they always have their home insurance to cover them. I reiterated the fact that I'm "not" other teachers. SMH.

WOWZERS! But anyway, in the next 15 mins, I had offered my letter of resignation, gotten it signed, and finished the meeting. I feel so much freer. I did things the right way, and I feel great about that decision.

So, it's either a GREAT public school position, or home for me...the future destination is unknown at this time, but I know wherever it is, it's gonna be AWESOME, cause I'll be there. :-)

Thanks for following my journey till now....hold on to your trousers, it's not over yet!!!!!

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  1. Terence RichardsonDecember 3, 2010 at 8:42 AM

    Babygirl get back to NC! I could have told you that Koreans are some salty people. That being said. You don't need to be any place where the people treat you 2nd class. Because in the future they will be the same people who want to be on your team. All the same get back state side. So we can hang out again!