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Monday, February 13, 2012

It's been way too long!

And for that, I'm terribly sorry! Wow, I've had so much going on--and I've not even thought to blog about it. :-)

That's when you know it's been some serious stuff going down!

Where do I begin?? Where I left off, duh!! LOL. Well, the school year ended without a hitch. I had an amazing time at Winter Camp (at both my schools). At one school, I had 1st-2nd grades, which I thought would be horrific, but they were the brightest bunch of students I'd had the pleasure of working with yet! I mean, sorry 6th graders, but they topped you, hands down! The personalities of the kids--wow, is all I can say! Needless to say, that week flew by!

At the 2nd school, the 2nd week, I had yet another fun-filled week of Winter Camp. In this school, once again, I had 1st-2nd graders combined class, and then the 5th-6th grade combined class. The younger kids were great, but we didn't get to finish a lot of the activities, because they are SO detail oriented!! I expected them to draw a raggedy picture, color it in, and be finished. But no! These famous artist-to-be went "in" on the projects; creating masterpieces from their imaginations! I love them at that age; they are not yet programmed to be drones and just copy work. My 5-6th grade classes did not know what hit them! They expected a trying class (like our normal English class), but were pleasantly surprised that we were doing a "cooking camp!" It was great! We made banana oatmeal, PB&J sandwiches, deviled-eggs (really!), and rice krispy treats! The Vice Principal sat in on one of the days and she had a grand ole time taste-testing the food! It was cool to see the kids being grossed out at making the deviled eggs, but then loving the taste later. :-)

So, after Winter Camp, I had one week to finish selling off my belongings, and moving out of my apartment. On the following Monday, I'd be embarking on this amazing journey through Southeast Asia with a friend...we'd start in Malaysia, go to Thailand, then to Cambodia. She would then continue to Vietnam and Laos. It would be a 25 day trip for me...I mean really!?!? What in the world can you do in 25 days around 3 countries!? EVERYTHING!!!! And I was prepared to do them.

In my next blog, I'll share with you how I came, I saw, and I "almost" conquered. :-) Until next time, go somewhere new, even if it's just in your mind...

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