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Friday, February 24, 2012

Never again...

They say "never, say never, whatever you do!" However, I just can't help but to say; "I'm never coming back to Korea;" to live that is. While I've enjoyed most of my moments here, and I've learned so much more about the world and another culture within it, I thoroughly long for the days where it either "is" or it "isn't."

I can't wait for the time when 9:00 means 9:00 and today, means today. If you've lived in Korea, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. If you haven't, then kudos for "hopefully" not having to live this nightmare of the never-ending not knowing game until 2 minutes before you need to know.

If anything else, this is the #1 point of contention that I have with the Korean society.

Other than the above (my little rant,) I'm very much excited to be traveling home within the next 7 days! It has been a long time coming; 17 months and 28 days to be exact. I'm ready to see my family and friends. I'm ready to see my itty bitty hometown again, and to drive my car. I'm ready for my dog Joey to be able to run around in the yard, and spend hours at a time outside, with little supervision. I'm even ready to work a full-time job again--and that's saying a lot!

I know I said I'd be updating you on my previous trip, but in all of my excitement to  be going home, I packed away my camera and sent it to America! Hee hee hee. I'll update on my travels when I am safe and sound at home...if by some chance I never make it there...just imagine beauty and mangy dogs, all in the same setting, and you've seen it all!!

Until next time, dream of me on American soil...

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  1. Well, Get back Safely and look me up when you do LOL.